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I love, love, love crystals. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re beautiful and meaningful and, when I wear them, I feel like I’m one step closer to achieving my dreams of being a witch.

Look, I know I’m lazy, but one day it will happen.

Okay, so first up are my beautiful engraved crystals – an Opalite Anahata engraved necklace and an Onyx Sahaswara. You may have understood exactly none of those words, but I’ll explain below so don’t worry.


sahaswara engraving definiton

I mean, I could say that I love these ones because they’re deep and meaningful and they keep me grounded to my spiritual roots, but let’s face it – they’re pretty and they look cool. I chose these engravings for two reasons – the crown chakra is the one I suppose I connect with the most, as I’m constantly trying to be more spiritual and I really liked the pattern of the heart chakra.

I can’t be deep all the time.

These are available here for £15!

rose quartz

Rose Quartz is such a pretty stone. It looks really washed out in these images (apologies), but it’s actually a lovely pale pink. Rose Quartz is often called the stone of love and represents unconditional love.

It’s a stone used to attract new romance – but, maybe more interestingly, it’s also used to clear your negative emotions and open your heart chakra to be receptive to love in all forms. Rose Quartz is great for healing heartbreak, emotional wounds and resentment.


Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals because the colour and depth of it is stunning. Every piece of Amethyst is unique and has different shades and patterns in it. However, its use is also one of my favourites – it’s a stone for the mind. Amethyst claims to increase intelligence, stimulate and soothe the mind. And you can never go wrong with that.

Although I absolutely love my gold dipped triangular pendants, I think the tumble stone choker is the favourite of my Amethyst collection because its so small and versatile.

blue sandstone

Blue Sandstone Healing Crystal Silver Pendants

I know I have a tendency to say this about every stone, but blue sandstone is so stunning that I can’t believe it’s real. It’s this gorgeous blue stone with glittering sand inside – yes, it naturally forms like that. It’s absolutely beautiful and when it catches the light it glints like trapped fairy dust.

And I love fairy dust.

Blue sandstone is actually a very useful stone outside of being eye-candy too – it can help to aid concentration and enhance the power of leadership.


Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to promote stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Maybe if more people wore fluorite necklaces then they’d make decisions based on things other than pure racism and I would be able to respect the country’s decision to leave the EU. I mean, it’s not like they weren’t legitimate reasons or anything – hell, I live in London where there’s a 3 week wait for emergency doctor appointments (yes, it seriously is that fucking ridiculous) so I get the desire to control the immigration, but people smack bam in the middle of the whitest-of-white countryside complaining about immigrants coming in and stealing our jobs and ruining our country? Without ever encountering a third generation immigrant let alone a direct one?

Congratulations, mate, you’re just plain racist.

Personally, I’d just say there should be better distribution because it seems that they all get put into set pockets of the country and strain the resources in those areas. Although, I really don’t know enough about it to offer a real solution – but this whole “hate the immigrants” thing is bullshit. And we really need to talk about them “stealing” the jobs that you’re under-qualified and unwilling to do. Anyway, if I get started on the referendum I’ll be here all day, so let’s just move on with this.

white turquoise

As well as looking classy and elegant, white turquoise is a calming stone – associated with awareness, white turquoise (also known as Howlite) is a stone for calming you when you’re upset. Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite also can decrease anger originating from within or externally. (Those last two sentences were copied and pasted from here, because it was a very concise definition that I liked.)


This is just a pretty stone that happens to be a part of my collection.


Aventurine is a gorgeous green stone (and green is one of my very favourite colours, which explains why I have so much of it) that is used to attract wealth and prosperity.

It’s often called the money stone as it is useful in gaining success in a lot of financial areas, like jobs, promotions, etc. And who doesn’t love some extra money?



As well as being one of the most captivating stones – it’s incandescent and it literally glows – Opalite is said to increase psychic ability and promote visions when used in meditation. Not that I’ve ever tried, but maybe one day.

Opalite’s main use, however, is freedom – freedom of your spirit from the physical. And it glows. Yeah, I know I’ve said it before, but glowing is important.

If you liked my jewellery, you can find it all in my store Lucky Cat Treasures.

Anyways, how’s everyone been? We all good? For my next post, I’m writing up a Summer Bucketlist, so tell me what cool plans you guys have and leave me some suggestions!

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Blog Comments

Love these. I always feel a bit witchy and powerful wearing stones. Love your little political rant too. I totally agree with you x

thank you so much! and exactly its always good to add a little mystical to an outfit ;D and thank you – it’s really frustrating listening to everything thats going on; im kind of sad you agree because it means you’re in the same disillusioned boat 🙁 x

I especially love stones atm. Always make me feel a bit at one with the earth. Even though that makes me sound like a hippy haha. Well I wanted to remain in Europe and personally I don’t mind immigration. My doctors are useless and only open half days so I blame then where I live rather than too many people on the waiting list. But it saddened me with all the racism to be honest. People from white areas with no migrants moaning. I live in London too and yet London is multi cultural and wanted to remain x

i love that! and exactly . . . oh well, no use crying over spilt milk i suppose 🙁 x

I guess not. Still makes me sad though. Have you heard of Empty Casket? I saw their site the other day and the jewellery looks gorge☺ x

yep, same here. have you watched all the politicians (cough cough Nigel Farage im looking at you m8) taking back all their promises now they were voted for? my blood, it boils. anyways, no i havent but i now must check it out thanks for the recommendation! i personally am LOVING topshop jewellery atm x

He’s such a weasel. I can’t watch him without wanting to punch the tv? I told people that money wouldn’t go on the nhs, not sure why they’d trust Farage. No problem. I’ll take a look at Topshop. They do often have great jewellery☺ x

You have an amazing jewelry collection. I’m slightly jealous (ok a lot jealous). I too love gems because of the magical/witchy feel of them! I enjoyed this post, girly. Keep doing you

why thank you! and exactly its like having the look and feel of being a witch with none of the work 😀 thank you so much, you too! x

These are quite a lot of crystals?

i know, im pretty addicted to them x

No Doubt!!

Beautiful post! Absolutely love your photos and stone jewellery 🙂 haha your rant on the referendum is too true… I live in one of the whitest-of-white countryside areas, and people actually are as racist and paranoid as you think! So many young, intelligent and creative people wanted to remain in the eu because of the obvious benefits it brings, and most of the older people in this area are scared of issues that aren’t necessarily solved by leaving, but they’re so prejudice and narrow minded they voted out!
Yeah, like you I could rant about it for ages, so I’ll just walk quietly away now….

thank you so much lovely! and i am genuinely so sorry – my cousin lived in a really insulated village in devon (she moved from london a few years ago) and they were really racist when we went down to visit. my grandad lives in wales which isn’t so bad but for the most part i have not had good experience with the countryside xD exactly, though, it just gets me frustrated and upset to think about – but thank you so much for sharing your opinion 😀 x

It’s a shame that horrible people have knocked your view of the countryside, it really is a lovely place to live! Just in East Anglia it is quite backwards haha – hopefully us creative people will take over! Actually a couple of my bestfriends are second generation immigrants, there are little pockets of cheaper housing where its more multicultural, but in those places you also get really nasty people… Sometimes the while thing seem really unfair and silly!
Anyway, I’ve got carried away again… Haha x

lovely collection <3

why thank you so much xx

What a stunning collection!

aw thank you so much!

Gorgeous! 😀

thank you lovely!

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