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In all honesty, there’s really so much I could say, but I just want to show you one thing.

overnight rash fix

So my skin is clearly the Anti-Christ.

Essentially, what happened there was (at a guess) my eczema flaring up. Because jeez Louise does my face have some issues. I have oily skin (eugh) with eczema (eugh) – which means one sets off the other. It’s very annoying – try controlling spots when you have to lather the heaviest products you can find on your skin to avoid . . . well, that. Now, my eczema had seemingly disappeared. Maybe once or twice a year a small little breakout – but nothing some E-45 couldn’t fix. So this could be eczema, it could be hayfever (yeah, I get rashes when I touch grass), allergies (allergic to chilli, probably other things too), the fact my skin just likes to decide it hates a product after three months of loving it – or maybe God just decided to pop in and say “fuck you.”.

I don’t know – but whatever the reason this is quite clearly not a small breakout. There are not many times in my life that I’d say I’d rather acne – but I’d rather acne. Now, you may be wondering (whilst cringing in sympathy, obviously) how I managed to get rid of that trainwreck – but what you should be wondering is how did I manage to get rid of it overnight?

Because I did. I really, really did. That photo next to it is of me the next morning with my rash-free face. And what do I attribute this to?


Aloe Vera. This amazing, natural gel that my dad gave me a month or two ago. I don’t know why, but the guy has three of these and an aloe vera lotion in his wardrobe. If I weren’t so grateful, I’d be worried. This is an entirely natural product, so there aren’t any chemicals to inflame or react with your skin – but it is amazing at cooling and healing skin. I slathered this on, with some coconut oil on the parts that were really dry and resisted the urge to scratch my face off and by the next day –

Clear skin again.

So I’ve actually been in the midst of writing a skincare holy grails post, because recently I’ve been toning it down with the makeup and loving having my skin out a bit more. (I actually managed to tan. I mean, it’s gone now, but it was a miraculous event. Especially in Britain – I mean, the whole “global warming” thing really skipped our summer) This was one of my recommendations because it’s brilliant for your skin even without a massive rash, but then The Rash happened and I thought I should share a review specifically for this because it’s just an absolute lifesaver.

So – time to Pros and Cons it:


  • 100% Organic. So I read a few of the reviews on Amazon when trying to find a link for you and the only complaint I found was that there were chemicals in it other than aloe vera. However, there are only 7.8% of added things – and they’re all natural. So I’m a happy camper anyways.
    • It feels so good. Actually, it feels amazing on your skin. Aloe vera is often used to treat burns and it has that cooling, moisturising effect on your face too.
    • Great moisturiser.
    • Great for reducing rashes and spots. I actually find that this is quite helpful in keeping spots under control – and you’ve already seen it treat rashes.
    • Cheap. Especially for something that works so well – this is only £11 from Amazon.


  • Stiff. I want this to be a fair review, so I want to include some Cons – but I can’t really think of any. The only one I can think of is that when you use it as a moisturiser it can sometimes leave an almost stiff layer when it dries (because it’s gel). Although, they have an aloe vera lotion that doesn’t have that problem.
  • Difficult to review. Because there aren’t any more obvious flaws I can find, which makes this a very biased review. God, I feel like a newspaper selling you my opinions rather than fact.

(You may be wondering why there was a random selfie, but my last point reminded me of the caption of this photo and it ties in nicely with what I’m finishing my post with.)

Anyways, so I hope you guys enjoyed this and had a good laugh at the state of my face. Also, I’m trying to follow and connect with more bloggers on social media (I’ve made a new Instagram as a part of my blog updating) so leave me your instagram names and I’ll give you a follow!

If you found this post helpful, share it (because I wish I’d known about Aloe Vera earlier) and let me know in the comments what your instagram usernames are along with your skincare recommendations!

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I’ve heard aloe Vera does wonders! I can keep my teenage spots under control but if they get really bad I might try this. Loved this review xxx

Yeah, you definitely should it’s brilliant! thanks doll xxx

Great review

thank you! 🙂

This sounds amazing, I will have to pick some up ❤

thanks lovely! definitely do 🙂 xx

Okay I’m going to buy aloe Vera (and also eczema is the devil I know how you feel like I get it on my arms and legs so much it’s the devil)

dude go for it its amazing – and eugh im actually so sorry its not just ugly its painful 🙁

I know I literally cannot sleep at night because I just want to scratch my body apart

sophieee do you have a blog email now?

Noooo but I gotta get one, whyyyy??

ah i wanted to do a collab post with you but i wanted to email the details x

I’m gonna set one up soon promise x

alright babe hmu when you do x

Set it up – sophieblog08@gmail.com (ignore how v cringe it is)

That’s zero eight

Apologies for the overuse of letters there

dont worry about it, i did it too and had a moment of deep shame and regret (:

With the summer heating up, this will be very useful. Great post 🙂

thank you! 🙂

Your skin looks really good.

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