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Well, it’s definitely Autumn.

In fact, let’s be honest and just admit that it’s more Winter. Britain doesn’t do halfway measures – it’s either Summer or you’re freezing to death. Am I letting this stop me from enjoying my Fall fashion? Of course not; warmth is for the weak.

So, a little while ago I was approached by a company we probably all need in our lives – MakeSpace. They’re this great service that allows you to indulge your shopping addiction with no guilt. Yes, you no longer need to fear being a hoarder – because they offer you storage, but even better you just use their app to request whatever you have in storage delivered to you.

So you know that gorgeous dress you never wear but you just adore and can’t bring yourself to part with? Well, it doesn’t need to take up space in your closet anymore.

Send it off to MakeSpace (along with all your other things) and when a party comes along you just open the app, pick your dress out and it will be delivered to you.

Which means it’s time to send out all your beautiful summer clothes and bring in the closet that’s more suitable for the depressing Winter weather. Now, you all know me. This isn’t sad news for me – it’s an excuse to go shopping. Recently, I picked up a few items that are to die for. Here are my Autumn Essentials.


First up are my beautiful ankle boots from River Island. These are £60, but I managed to sneak them for £45 using a magazine code. (My bank balance thanks you, almighty magazine gods). They’re so beautiful. It physically hurts me.


(Apologies for the terrible photography I am a. terrible at photography and b. not used to my  phone camera at all. I kind of hate it.)

These have embroidery on the side (dies) and velvet lining (dies again). I saw them and literally counted down the days until payday. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anything more. Except my new suede creepers, but they’re not Autumn-y they’re just beautiful.


The two camis are also from River Island (the really sad thing is that these aren’t even nearly all my recent River Island purchases.) and I got them on sale for around £10 each .  . . but how gorgeous is that lace underlayer?

This was just a quick ‘lil post to share a few of my new favourite Autumn purchases! What have you guys been loving for Autumn recently?

All the love


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