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Hello, children! (Yes, you are now my children; I need an excuse for why my body is not in the amazing condition it could be and I feel like child-bearing is a good one.)

Something I’ve been starting to study at work is email marketing; it’s a pretty interesting topic and I’ve learnt a lot. I mean, the main thing I’ve learnt is that it’s still relevant. Because, honestly, who knew? I’ll be bringing that into Blogging 101, so stay tuned and excited for that. And if you aren’t, well, fake it.

This isn’t a post about email marketing. I know – you’re bitterly disappointed. It’s about design and how email marketing newsletters can be gorgeous and inspiring. In fact, they’ve been a starting point for many of my posts, pages and images (although, strangely, no actual emails. It’s more effective for readability to keep them simple as most email browsers won’t display images automatically and- oh dear God, I’m actually spouting marketing facts. Kill me.) – like this one.

Now, a lot of these are great designs for stores and retailers, so I’m thinking that my fellow affiliate marketers may find them helpful to draw design tips from. Because half the battle is getting people to actually look at the product – it doesn’t matter if it’s great if there aren’t eyes on it. Think of it like this – you’re trying to sell handbags to people. A small, boring image at the end of your post is okay (if you’re basic . . .) but a magazine spread post featuring a great image of this handbag? Engaging.

Your audience will be captivated; they’ll be enamoured; they’ll be rapidly drinking in your content with their eyes and rushing to buy your products and stuff your greedy little hands with money.

Oh and, you know, design-related motivations too. Artists are altruistic.

So, now you know what you’re in store for, let’s get this show on the road.

  1. Kill the hipsters? Gosh, don’t mind if I do.
    I absolutely love this design. Anyone that follows my design board on Pinterest or even my tattoo one (yes, those are both shameless self-promotions. Follow me.) knows how much I adore line-art and icon-work. This design is unique and whimsical, with easy places to add in information and great clear call-to-actions.
  2. Why you need bralettes and bandeaus: Because I want you to buy them from me so I earn a commission. Oh, how does it benefityou? I don’t really know, but look at how pretty my pictures are.
    Although I’m not exactly sure how the design relates to the product, I like it regardless. Personally, I think it would be great for art supplies or DIYs rather than lingerie, but that’s only if I were to implement something similar on my blog.
  3. Fashion bloggers attention please!
    Come on; who doesn’t love this easy design? What better way is there to rock an OOTD post and earn a little money on the side? This would be a great way to show of your current wardrobe favourites or your fashion essentials.
  4. Who’s going to spend a lot of money on crap? People planning weddings.
    This design is . . . I love it, I really do. It’s minimal, but engaging. There’s a clear focus on product, without feeling like you’re pushing a hard sell. I love it; I’m stealing it.
  5. Cushions! They’re so . . . well, comfy.
    I love the way the design is clear and engaging – but I really love that little CTA highlight at the end.
  6. Do you like our new prints? Yes? Well enough to print our email out? We get it.
    Something I’ve been thinking about recently is branding, so I’m really loving the consistent branding within this email.
  7. Who has strong Christmas vibes? Anyone?
    This email gave me so many ideas for possible gift-guides (which are on my November goals, remember) – I love it.
  8. Who’s a money making season essential? You’re a money making season essential! Back to school essentials – yes please and thank you.
    love this. It’s a clear and attractive way to present products, it’s cute and it’s easily navigated.
  9. And the winner goes to . . . The boy who lived!
    Not only is the content of this email absolutely brilliant (didn’t read it? You really should.) the design is far more unique and engaging than simply having text.
  10. Another great OOTD email.
    I love this as another way to spice up an OOTD post.
  11. Who needs new shoes? You need new shoes!
    Yet another brilliant way to display products – and what great products they are.
  12. Who loves Kate Spade? I love Kate Spade! (And yet not their prices)
    I love this blend of illustrations and photographs.
  13. Anthropologie are killing it. Then again, they always do. I don’t know why I’m surprised.
    Probably one of the prettiest emails ever.
  14. Okay, I have no idea who these people are but their emails are cool and would make good recipe posts.
    Look at the potential for those affiliate links at the bottom there too.
  15. Yet another brilliant icon email!
    Simple and minimal, yet full of great content. I’m a fan.
  16. Graze’s brilliant email. I’m hungry.
    What’s your excuse for boring recipe posts again?
  17. How does she take her tee? Cute AF.
    What an adorable email.
  18. Is your life an adventure? Well, reading through this email list certainly is.
  19. I love the scrapbook vintage effect of this email.
  20. Anthropologie making another winner.
  21. I can’t be bothered to write captions anymore, just pretend I’m talking.
  22. not-another-product-email
  23. really-cool-ice-cream-email
  24. Well, hello there to all my new gift guide designs. It’s great to meet you.mothers-day-gift-guide-email

And there are 24 inspiring well-designed emails to suit all your design purposes! I know I’m definitely going to try a few of these for affiliate marketing purposes (and post about it of course!). Did you find any of these designs as great as I did? What do you think you’ll use them for?

All the love.


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