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I have a lot of stuff to give away.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Like, bags full. Like so much that I actually separated it into separate bags and you can choose not to win it all because you honestly may not want this much junk turning up at your house. (Side note: it’s not junk. But still.)

At this point, you should be gleefully rubbing your hands together in excitement. Are you not? Well, can you start? What are you about to win . . . check it out below!

Bag 1 – Boho Bish (and yes the bags are included)

 1 x Vans Tiger Backpack

1 x Notebook

1  x Glitter Tank Top

1 x Denim Shorts

3 x Necklaces; 1 x Ring; 1 x Bracelet

1 x Khaki Cargo Trousers

1 x Kimono

giveaway-boho-backpack-hype notebooks bohemian-jewellery-giveaway denim-shorts-giveaway khaki-cargo-giveaway gold-glittery-tank-giveawayfree-kimono-giveaway

Bag 2 – American Apparel Loves You 

1 x Transparent Alien Bag

1 x Sweets!

1 x Grid Skirt

1 x Pink Bodysuit

1 x Body Set (Cream and Shower Gel)

1 x Choker; 1 x Necklace

1 x Cardigan

cute-alien-bag-giveaway grid-skirt bodysuit-lace-peach body-gift-setjewellery-giveawaygrey-cardigan

Bag 3 – That’s So Goth (And It’s Great!)

1 x Angel Wing Bag

2 x Leather Lace Up Trousers

1 x Velvet Crop Top

1 x Motel Purple Dress

1 x Glitter Cami

1 x Hype Crop Top

1 x Notebook

4 x Rings; 4 x Necklaces; 1 x Bracelet

kawaii-angel-wing-bag-free-giveawayleather-look-trousersvelvet-crop-top-missguidedmotel-floral-dress-giveaway glitter-tank-top hype-crop-topdream-big-black-notebook-giveawaygothic-jewellery-giveaway jewelery

Bag 4 – Work, work, work

1 x Handbag

1 x Next Trousers

2 x Size 6 Brogue Style Shoes

1 x Monochrome Floral Blazer

1 x Next Skirt

1 x Bracelet

1 x Notebook

     work-handbagnext-floral-trousersnext-workwear-skirt-giveawayfree-brogues-work-shoes-giveaway miss-selfridge-floral-print-blazer notebook gold-white-marble-bracelet

And finally . . . well, there’s no bag for this one but there are a few cute jackets you might want for party season!

daydreaming-bomber silky-bomber-jacket

Phew, we finally reached the end! Okay, so now you know all the cool stuff that’s up for grabs let me tell you how you can win it!

The rules are really simple; the more entries you want, the more things you complete. You have to do at least one to be entered, you must be following my blog via email or social media and this must share this post – that’s really it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 The way this competition  works is pretty simple. You pick what you’d like to win (and if there are specific questions, concerns or requests just leave me a comment), the winners are selected at random and all prizes are given out. So if the first person to be chosen only wants two bags, I’ll send them those two bags and re-select a winner and so on and so forth. This means there’s a lot of opportunity to win for you guys!

Okay, well that’s this post all wrapped up. Tell me below what you’re hoping to win!

All the love


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Blog Comments

I am so excited for this ?? totally jealous of your amazing sense of fashion ?

thank you lovely! I’m crazy excited as well, it’s gonna be so fun to wrap everything off and send someone a really nice christmas present! 😀 – good luck!xx

Thank you ? xx

Love the AA grid skirt! Such a good idea for a post and it encourages people to be more ethical when it comes to fashion! Xx

thank you so much! yeah a lot of it hasn’t even been worn so i didnt want to just throw it away ? xx

I actually won this, I could possibly crying non-stop. For real, I could do so much things with all of the clothes. I could give the bag 4 to my mom and bag 2 for my niece. Not all of them for me, but I literally wanted the notebook from bag 3 ? ?

p.s for the pinterest, I accidentally click enter and I supposed to write “https://www.pinterest.com/farahedzua/omg/”

Just askin,what sizes are the clothes?

That’s a legit question?? most are an 8 a few are 6


wow this is a really generous giveaway! love how you grouped the items into bags 🙂

I accidentally entered on the wrong slide (I was a little confused). I meant to put it on the last one 🙂

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