{ 78 Inspiring Diary, Journal & Sketchbook Pages }

** Ever found yourself wondering what should I put in my journal? Or looking for ideas on what to draw in your sketchbook? Maybe you just want some planner inspiration? Well, this is the post for you. **

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do (and have tried over and over again) is to consistently keep a diary or a scheduler or a sketchbook.

I mean, I go through phases. There are definitely times that I manage to keep one or the other – but never really all of them. And in the most recent years none.

Which is probably good because any 2016 scheduler or diary would have just been a black abyss of despair and hopelessness.

What would I even have marked? How many people died that day? How many tears I cried? Maybe I’d get those cute number stickers and at the end of every day leave one signalling how much on a scale of one to ten I hated humanity.


(A strong six on the day of Harambe’s shooting – because, yes, it was unbelievably sad but if the zoo hadn’t have shot him and the baby had been hurt the turnout would’ve been far worse. And the animal support in response was heart-warming. But, you know, we did still shoot an innocent animal.)

(And a strong ten when Donald Trump was elected because I know I keep on about it, but eugh.)

Hell, the entire thing might have turned into some kind of shrine. People in later years would find it and think I were some kind of psycho stalker obsessed with a rather eclectic group of celebrities. David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher? Where is the link?

It would be like tumblr threw up. I may have even resorted to writing bitter, emo poetry and predicting the apocalypse. (Although, I mean, think of the cool lists. To do this Saturday: build nuclear bunker, gather and build weapons for fighting zombies and pick up some Donald Trump toilet paper. There was totally a shit joke in there, but that would be crass and I’m a lady.)

This year, however, is different. This year I’m an adult. And I want to be organised and on top of my life without succumbing to the soul-sucking boringness that seems to follow adulthood like a black cloud. The black cloud of bills, responsibility and stagnation.

Anyhoo. Cool comic strip about growing up idea aside, this is a post about journal inspiration. And diary inspiration. And scheduler and – okay, look, whatever medium you use to record your fleeting and meager existence on this earth, I have inspiration for here. You’re welcome.

  1. • "Don't worry of you're making waves simply by being you. The moon does it all the time.": Source
  2. 'The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've seen, and the…: Source
  3. art journal by othersachas on Instagram. "For posterity: Week 18. Too little writing, too much sticking-stuff-together-and-only-mildly-hopeful-for-the-best. Too much of life taking its toll on paper.: Source
  4. Planning made easy! Plan your water consumption with this insert for any size planner! This insert is laminated, so it can be written on with:
  5. Imported from my personal account--an art journal layout using ephemera and tip ins. Traveler's Notebook Refill 013: Source
  6. Perfectly Organized Journaling Inspiration- I like photos and journaling together.:
  7. 9/6/15: This weekend was spent with family in the great outdoors of Cobleskill, NY & of coarse with the love of my life. We went on nature walks and had hammock talks; but the most fun was playing with my new camera (instax mini 90) and taking double exposures.:
  8. Writing in Notebooks:
  9. notebook:
  10. Sketchbook (Afsaneh Tajvidi, http://www.joojoo.me/); illustrate a proverb:
  11. jenni spark's sketchbook Sketchbook ideas and inspiration for students:
  12. Artist: Anna Aniskina (sketchbook pages - part 3 on Behance) Inspiration: Dense line work with color:
  13. Umschlag im Filofax:
  14. Top 8 Bullet Journal Ideas for 2016 – Bullet Journal:
  15. Inspiration for a journal page: list all your addictions: Source
  16. Day 9: Personal Development: Every time I run, I draw another tree and write the distance. Keeps me motivated! #planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal":
  17. Jess. 20. ISFP. Architecture student and aspiring Historic Preservationist. Organization freak and...:
  18. gentle & ruthless:
  19. studywithinspo: “The evolution of my bullet journal in seven pictures. ”:
  20. 11-08 || This week’s spread so far!! Getting more and more into handlettering, and I’m having a blast! ✒️:
  21. Week ❷ of 2016~Every week is a new week, don't stay stuck: Source
  22. weekly spread inspiration: Source
  23. Pinterest @angietopaz13: Source
  24. This week is almost over and is looking great .:
  25. bullet journal | Tumblr:
  26. bullet journal | Tumblr:
  27. // chloeapineapple ❁:
  28. Instagram More: Source
  29. Nude Filofax:
  30. Weekly reusable meal planning system in my bullet journal.:
  31. ifiwereabluebird: “Hobbies? Organizing my agenda. Wait. That doesn’t sound fun. Jammin’ on my planner”. - Leslie Knope: Source
  32. Fall bujo spread: Source
  33. L A H E:
  34. We're going to skip the Friday Financial and feature a few monthlies throughout the day. This one is uniquely lovely. From tumblr user the-girlygeek. . . . Click #bjcmonthly for more monthly spreads. . #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcommunity #bujo #bujoy #bulletjournaljunkies #monthlylayout #bulletjournaling #monthly #organized #doodles #journal #planner #planneraddict #studyspo #journaling #plannergirl #stationeryaddict #organizedlife #handwriting #studyblr #lettering #todo #monthlyspread #d...: Source
  35. Federica @feebujo's Show & Tell on the Bullet Journal® blog!: Source
  36. Bullet Journal® with Clarissa @my_journaling_corner Daily Logs: Source
  37. art, journalart, and book image:
  38. pepper and twine @pepperandtwine finally had time ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram): Source
  39. See this Instagram photo by @othersashas • 2,826 likes: Source
  40. Art journal by mama_finch on Instagram: Source
  41. ⋆› silver dreams bring me to you ‹⋆: Source
  42. One of my favorite pages in my "Wreck This Journal" - Imgur:
  43. fashion sketchbook:
  44.  :
  45. Wreck this journal, hide a secret message somewhere in yhis book, envelope page....♥:
  46. i want to use the idea of cutting words out of a book and using them as writing, I want to put this on my page with the blizzard and use them to explain the meaning of the piece more: Source
  47. Theresa D (@mydocumentedlife) • Instagram photos and videos:
  48. See this Instagram photo by @othersashas • 2,149 likes: Source
  49. Journal Book inspiration by @othersashas ✨ . __ We love to curate and share…: Source
  50. Art Journal | whatareyoudoingnow | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

And that’s all our beautiful inspiration done! Do you guys keep a journal or diary?

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Me too! 😀

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Also, I laughed but also cried a little when you said “What would I even have marked? How many people died that day?” I’m so glad 2016 is over.

ME TOO! and yes yes yes make them pretty!

These are all so nice! I have no words! This is… Wow! x

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I love these!

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Dig the blog. Keep it up

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They’re so gorgeous, right?!

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I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’m a huge planner freak, not so much at following it, but definitely the decorating part haha! xoxo Sarah

I can wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for stopping by xxx

I’m so obsessed with your blog it’s insane?

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