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Remember a few days ago last month I went through that stage where I binge-watched like three seasons of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air?

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Well, maybe it was all of Will Smith’s enthusiastic dancing, maybe it was my love for vibrant colours or maybe it was just pure nostalgia for pretty much just any time that was not 2016 . . . but the 90s hit me hard.

So hard, in fact, that I may or may not have spent an entire month rocking neon, layers and pretty out-there hairstyles.

However . . . I regret nothing. 90s style is awesome. Neon orange is awesome. Forever 21’s velvet dresses, each only £11 not on sale?

Fucking. Awesome.


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So the inspiration behind this look was basically that I wanted Hillary to adopt me.(And if you don’t know who Hillary from the Fresh Prince is then I just don’t even know for you.)

(Side note: my brother’s eating really noisily and slurping at the table and it’s disgusting. Eugh.)

A rare sighting of the native urban Londoner in its natural habitat. Grime, dirt and bricks are the necessary sustenance for this species of the LDN family. Often found in alleyways, strolling after dark and in trainers. Close cousin of the Central and North London Blogger. Whereas the Central and North cousins of the Urban Londoner prefer daylight, white buildings and pristine architecture, the Urban blogger prefers the cover of the night.”

This is my beautiful best friend, Rashara, without whom I would be a sad and incomplete soul desperately missing its other half. I adore her.

And this is what I’ll fondly refer to as the collaborative selfie.

I haven’t really been posting OOTDs (or much of anything…) recently. I mean, in my defence, I do live in Britain. It’s cold, uninspiring and the motivation to get up and do anything worth posting about just isn’t there. That being said, I do actually have another OOTD post in the works for you.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you kind of know that the whole minimal, monochrome thing went over my head. I love vibrant colours – red and orange in particular, at the moment. This top is from the men’s section of Forever 21 and the colour is gorgeous. 

Orange Top – £11 // Velvet Dress – £11

**Note: Im not sponsored by Forever 21. I don’t know why I would be as they’d be getting a pretty shit deal what with the nonexistent fashion posts but I thought it was worth a mention. My obsession is totally authentic. Or it could just be that I’m lazy and like to buy entire outfits from one store; who knows?**

Well, that’s me done. What do you think of this outfit? Are you a fan of 90s style?

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

You look amazing! I personally love the 90s vibes haha

Terri x

Aw thank you! Same here!x

I bloody love 90’s fashion! I think that outfit is super cute, if you had your hair in bunches you could definitely pass as a member of TLC aha!

Thank you – me too! And that is most definitely the goal!?

I love your hair so much! 🙂 🙂 So pretty. I still love the 90’s, the style, and music is so good <3 <3 Spice girls days were awesome x x

Aw thank you! Its crazily unmanageable but i grew it myself?and i totally agree, i was born too late???

Your welcome 🙂 🙂 Aww that’s good <3 <3 Keep up the great work, such pretty hair. Haha yes, it would of been fun, the 90s was so cool, I love the 80s as well x x

love your style!! yes to the neon orange !! 🙂

Aw thank you!? and yesss im loving that jumper atm!

i looooove! and hair goals

Awww thank you!

This is such a spot-on 90s outfit — Hillary would be so proud! I really enjoyed your breakdown of the various subtypes of London blogger and their natural habitats. And wooo velvet is EVERYTHING and I want to hit all my dresses from my 90s childhood with a grow ray so they’ll fit again.


Thank you! The layering and the bright colours felt just 90s enough for me ;D
I genuinely stand by it – I know a few London bloggers that always look really pretty and elegant and they have the white backgrounds courtesy of the central London buildings . . . but that’s not my side of London XD Ooooh you could totally DIY it or use them for something else though! 🙂 xx

You’re so pretty! I love your outfit! 😀 xx

Aw that’s so sweet; thank you! 🙂 xx

you look amazing!although i doubt i would be able to pull that off!!i totally get the uninspiring british weather!!and its all for nothing cos it dont even snow!we had like on
e hour of 5mm snow on friday and was gone before we could escape an extremely boring maths lesson!

Thank you lovely!And you totally could, you just need confidence (and cool scrunchies for your hair, naturally).. and ARGHH don’t remind me; it was enough to soak me and delay all of my trains, but I didn’t even get a good picture of it!

yeah, true, i do need confidence!!!and defo cool scrunchies!!yep, it only brought bad, but we didnt even get to enjoy it!

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Love your look! Absolutely stunning!

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