101 Fun and Unique Date Ideas

** A prewarning: these date ideas are memory-makers. They’re weird, out-there and just plain strange. Some are creative, some are interesting and some are just damn exciting. Have fun!**

The idea for this came from watching Nerve, a movie I both found enjoyable and strangely lacklustre. It was great fun, but the meaningful impact delivery was just terrible. And, I mean, they really tried. The themes were great – the technology dictated world, mob mentalities, the morality of social media and the authenticity of people behind screens (hint: I suck just as much in real life; we keep it real here) . . . I mean, the list goes on. Before I end it, let me add one more – our obsession with fame and followers. Ah, the irony.

Yes, the potential was clearly there. And it couldn’t have been made any clearer than Emma Roberts literally screaming these abbreviated points at the audience. Yet it didn’t really manage to land. Regardless, it was a good movie and although my take home message wasn’t what they intended – I still got one. My take home being: that was a great first date.

I mean, seriously. There was danger, excitement . . . tattoos (this is important to me, okay?). It was an adventure. More than that, it was fun. It was something that built a bond, that was different and would definitely be a great memory to look back on. You know, bar the almost dying a few times. So I decided to come up with some fun, interesting and actually worth doing date ideas.

Because dinner and a movie is only a fun date the first time.

So, just in time for Friday night and the weekend, I present to you 101 Date Ideas.

Oh, and I’m going to post about every time I do one of these things with someone too! So you can click on the link to see how that particular outing went.

101 Kick-Ass Dates You’ll Actually Want To Go On

1. Get a random tattoo.

Preferably not of the other person’s name.

2. Go to a concert for a band/artist you’ve never heard of before.

This could go brilliantly or horrifically wrong.

3. Go on a last minute weekend away!

(If you want to do this, check out lastminute.com for amazing last minute deals – you can save like 70% off)

4. Cross one thing off your bucket lists together!

5. You could actually write your bucket lists together

It would be a great conversation starter – “wait, what do you mean you want to taste human flesh before you die?” “Well, I mean, I’d only need to do it once . . .

6. Couples yoga

7. Walk through a graveyard.

Seriously, nothing inspires deep life conversations quite like death. In the least emo way possible.

8. Go to an escape room

9. Trampolining park.

10. Paintball.

Nothing says romance like shooting at each other.

11. Theme park.

12. Go to a museum and mock art.

Because, let’s face it, you just aren’t cultured enough to appreciate it.

13. Pick a really obscure meal with really hard to find ingredients and cook it together.

Something like sushi and, instead of running around London on your own for hours searching for ingredients you should have just got delivered to your door in advance, run around London or you whatever inferior place you live with your date looking for these ingredients and then go home and cook the meal. (Shoutout to Danilo for this idea; I laugh at your failures)

14. Do a class together

15. For example, a chocolate making class.

And if he asks why, you may want to ask yourself why you’re contemplating dating someone so broken inside.

16. Hot air balloon ride!

17. Adventure time binge date.

18. Build a fort . . . and binge watch something.

Maybe with junk food. Who am I kidding? Definitely with ice-cream.

19. Midnight ice cream!

20. Go to a theatre together

20 b. Go to see Book of Mormon.

Such an amazing show – and a great first date. You’ll be in absolute stitches.

21. Go on a treasure hunt around London!

Obviously, you have to be a Londoner for this to apply.

22. You could always pretend you’re grown up and go for incredibly cute (and delicious) afternoon tea.

Check out a deal for that here.

23. Walk/sit along a canal.

24. Southbank burrito truck.

Well, I guess you could go to any burrito truck, but I guarantee satisfaction with Southbank’s.

25. Do a DIY together.

This may be difficult for all the annoyingly (some may say overcompensatingly) manly men who for some reason don’t want to play in glitter with you, but failing at things with someone else is fun.

26. Create a playlist of your favourite songs (this is for both of you by the way, you narcissists) and listen to them together.

This could be whilst lying on a sofa, or a roof, or walking, or sitting under a tree in the park at 2am (surprisingly fun, would definitely recommend.)

27. Go to the beach!

Day trip to Brighton, anyone?

28. Go jogging together.

Because if you’re attracted to them you want to cure yourself of that, right?

29. Go to a restaurant together.


30. Go to the cinema.

(Ugh, kill me so basic.)

31. Go bowling.

(Bish, do you have any kind of creative ideas?)

32. The “Illegal Date”. Pretend you’re doing something really shifty like trying to dispose of a dead body together and enjoy all the highs of criminal activity without actually being a criminal.

That was way too creative.

33. Netflix and chill?

34. Rooftop gardens, rooftop bars, anything on rooftops – just not jumping off them.

35. Share your favourite place with them.

36. Go to their favourite place.

37. Book a therapy session together.

Might as well get it all out in the open from the offset, right?

38. Shopping spree together!

39. Go camping.

No, not glamping. Real camping, Jesus Christ.
Camping Date! Over 101 Date Ideas that are actually fun, interesting and unique!

40. Create the most delectable, indulgent hot chocolate you can and cuddle up together.

Obviously not a summer date.

41. Have a movie marathon of both of your favourite movies

42. Go to a festival!

43. Roadtrip!

44. Get a map of your area (or country, depending on if you can drive/are willing to travel), throw a dart at it and visit!

45. Go to a dessert place.

45. Go to a street festival.

In London, there’s always one of these around. And the theme is usually food, which is great in itself.

46. Have a three course meal – from three different places.

Totally stole this idea from here, just saying.

47. Somebody had the suggestion of a water fight to which I responded: “it’s November. In England.” But you know that.

48. Hop on a train to a place you’ve never been to before and explore!

49. SPA DAY! You could set it up for each other or actually go to a spa, but regardless it’s a fun idea.


I feel like this is a great way to determine a guy’s interest; tell him you want to go on a scavenger hunt and if he won’t set it up he isn’t one. Alternatively, double date it and set up the other couple’s hunt.

51. Hide and seek in public places.

Another double or group date idea, but this is so fun. You go somewhere public full of people trying to be all mature and adulty and you play hide and seek. Added bonus of having sneak time in with the person you’re on the date with, which we all know is way  more fun.

52. Go to a sports event.

I know a lot of people may not enjoy sports, but don’t worry – once you get there, the atmosphere is infectious and it will be great.

53. Go to psychic reading together.

54. You know, tarot cards or palm readings.

55. Watch the sunset. Aw, movie moment.

56. Karaoke dance party.

I’m sorry, but there is nothing better than bonding with someone over bad singing and dancing. It’s a great way to let loose and have fun with another person.

57. Go to a pub and play pool.

58. Go to a local haunted place and scare each other silly.

59. Go ice-skating or rollerblading.

60. Stand up comedy!

Who can complain about that?

61. Go karting!

62. Strip. Club.

63. I mean, you could go star-gazing because this list is clearly romantic and smushy and stuff.

64. Go to IKEA and pretend you’re buying a house together.

This is both fun and a compatibility test because those pillows with that rug? Honey, no.

65. Make ice-cream sundaes.

It’s funny because ice-cream has been mentioned on this list many, many times already.

66. The “pretend we’re in a movie” date.

Everything is amplified, perfect and passionate? It’s raining? Well, now I just have to leap into your arms and we must make out. We accidentally brush hands? Big, exaggerated reactions please. Hilarity ensues.

67. Do loads of quizzes together.

(Genuinely, take the 16personalities test. You’ll never struggle for conversation ever again.)

68. Meditate with each other.

69. Video game marathon.

70. Break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

71. Discuss and mentally build your dream house together.

72. Find a wishing well and make wishes together.

73. Build a tree-house or find a tree-house or book a tree-house.

74. Climb a tree

75. Go to a concert for your favourite band

76. Go to a protest!

77. Go to the airport, catch the cheapest flight somewhere and stay there for a weekend.

78. Breakfast.

I mean, a really amazing, extravagant breakfast. Multiple courses of fruit, croissants, cereals, cakes and . . . yeah, great, I’m hungry.

79. Go half-half on planning the date.

Pleasant surprises could be in store. Or it could be horrific, but hey at least you tried.

80. Babysit.

Bonding over how much you hate little people is fun.

81. Drive-in movie.

82. Bring your favourite book and read the first chapter out loud.

83. Silent date. It’s perfect because I can look at your pretty face but I don’t actually have to talk to you.

84. Go visit an abandoned place.

85. To this end, walk along an abandoned railway.

Key note here: abandoned. I don’t want to be responsible for you dying.

86. Late night swimming!

87. Be fake historians. Go to landmarks (points for cool touristy places) and make up entirely bullshit stories about their origins and meanings. Bonus points for absurdity.

88. Sneak into somewhere.

89. Get high AF.

Should be interesting.

90. Play Cards Against Humanity.

Best. Date. Ever.

91. Go window shopping with each other and pick out things you think the other person would like.

Be horrified and offended with the results them promptly dump them because I would not wear an Amazing World Of Gumball T-Shirt. Do you even know how fucking stupid that show is? What do you mean because I like Adventure – Adventure Time is in a class of it’s own, you cretin!

92. Dress each other up in what you’d like to see them wear.

You might be surprised.

93. Debate night.

Find a bunch of things you massively disagree about but don’t really care about (an example for me would be religion; I’m not religious or atheist – I just don’t care enough either way.) and debate. This is hilarious because you have all the fun of arguing without the fallout. What do you mean you don’t think arguing is fun? Who are you, anyway?

94. Superglue/handcuff your hands together. Throw the solvent/key into a lake. Find an alternate way of getting out of your situation.

Totally stole this idea too. And if you think my ideas are far out, you should look at where I stole it from. This example is tame.

95. Let a  third party completely plan your date for you.

This sounds kind of horrific.

96. Go to a dog resuce center or a safari

97. Get crazy drunk together.

Why not?

98. Each find a book, read it and annotate the margins and then swap over and read the other’s book.

Genuinely want to do this.

99. Go on an adventure.

100. Take a walk in nature. Seriously, visit a national park or a hike or something like that.

101. Go get some craft food.

That shit’s amazing.

And there we have it! You now have absolutely no excuse to go on boring dates that you’ll forget within the next few months. If you do try any of these (or have before) let me know down in the comments!

(Also – what are your favourite date ideas both on and off the list? Best or worst dates you’ve ever been on? I’m curious. Read: nosy.)

Remember – if you liked this post, share it and leave me a comment!

All the love,

Mia x

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Great post! I love the clim a tree idea 🙂 stay up in the tree for hours haha! I also love the late night swimming and the breakfast, and cards against humanity is legit the best game EVER and probably one of the best date ideas! I agree.. Anyways, great 101 date ideas 🙂

Love, Tiffany Lea

Aw thank you so much! I can’t wait to try some of these!

Aww this is cute, my bf is actually coming to the city to visit me soon, we will definitely try one of these ideas out!!


I’m glad you think so – have fun!x

I love this!! I’m so bad at coming up with date ideas, this is perfect!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it – and so am I off the top of my head!

Still a single Pringle (and proud ?) but I know what to read, when I need ideas ?

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Omg I’m loving this post! This must’ve taken forever to think of 101 ideas, they’re all so great though! Going to bookmark this page for if I ever manage to find a boyfriend? X

Why thank you very much! Girl you dont even need a boyfriend – go on friend dates then youll be a pro when it comes to the real ones!??x

Now that’s an idea I love the sound of??X

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