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20 Ideas for collaboration posts between bloggers that are fun, unique and different!

** Blogging collaborations are a great way to earn backlinks to your site, reach new audiences and work with other creators that you admire – but sometimes collab posts can be repetitive and boring. Here are 20 exciting and unique ways that you can collaborate with other bloggers. **

20 Ideas for collaboration posts between bloggers that are fun, unique and different!

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 Yeah, you may want to grab a mug of green tea and open some new tabs up.

So, for those of you that clicked on this link of out morbid curiosity as opposed to actual interest, collaboration posts are when two or more bloggers work together to produce a post (or a series of them). This great for a whole load of reasons – you get to work with people you admire (which is really fun!), it allows you access to someone else’s audience and it’s a great way to build authentic backlinks to your blog.

The only issue with collab posts?

For me at least . . . they can be pretty boring. Every year, I always promise myself that I’ll do a collab post once a month, or something – and every year I see the same “My Beauty Faves Ft. ___” posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading them – but there must be something else we can do. Right? I mean, we’re this bunch of creative people (if you’re a blogger, don’t even try to say you aren’t creative) that constantly churn out content that must be at least vaguely interesting to keep our audiences engaged.

So why aren’t our collaborations more exciting?

My theory is this: we go off what we know. We see other bloggers collaborate by doing all these generic things, so we figure that’s the way to collaborate – and it can be. But there are other options.

In fact, I’d say trying something a little more out of the box might end up being more beneficial for your blog in the long run. It’ll engage audiences more, which in turn refers more people to the blog you’re working with and vice versa. So I’ve created a quick list of ideas for collaboration posts that you could try instead!

(Quick note: I’m assuming that many people reading this don’t live close enough to the bloggers that they’re collabing with to meet up in person, so this are all things that can be done without needing to meet face-to-face.)

(Even quicker note: Blogger serial killers would actually be pretty great. Think about it.)

(Quickest note: okay, the murder part maybe not so much.)

20 Blog Collaboration Ideas

20 Ideas for blog collab posts that are creative

(Pin that image for me, pretty please?)

 1. Complete a challenge

Not one of those typical “Boyfriend Tag” challenges – although those can be pretty fun too. But something really fun; maybe something like “create an outfit for under £20”.

2. Send each other a care package and do unwrap/reviews

This could be so fun – and a great way for two bloggers to get to know each other! Judging by one anothers blogs, (not even going to attempt to know where the apostrophe goes there; A* Lit and Lang skills where art thou?) you could send each other things you think the other person would like. A fun post for sure – and probably good for a few reviews after!

3. Set each other challenges

This one could be great – this one could be the motivation boost you never even knew you needed. You could set another blogger the 30 day squat challenge with a twist, create a meal-plan for someone, or dare them to do something completely out there and get a really fun post out of it! (If you want some pretty out there ideas, look no further.)

4. Do a DIY with a twist

I love DIY posts. In fact, I recently discovered a new DIY blogger who I’m currently . . . not at all stalking. Merely watching. Avidly.

It’s not weird I promise.

Anyways, DIYs are cool. And fun. And you could easily do the same DIY with completely different outcomes.

5. Send them an outfit and do a cool fashion post

I want to do this so badly! You could send the blogger you’re collabing with an entire outfit (or maybe one piece that they have to style around) and vice versa. An OOTD and a fun collab post idea!

6. Send them a concept and both of you could create a post showing what you came up with from it

This collaboration post idea is something I really like because there’s so much creative freedom. Both bloggers will come up with something completely different and you’ll have a really unique collab on your hands!

7. Interview one another

8. Share tips on blogging together

This is great because it adds value for your audiences too – you could always set your 20 top tips together; one blogger could write a post with the first ten and another with the rest.

9. Write a post inspired by your favourite post of the other blogger

10. Collaborate to do a massive giveaway!

11. Teach each other something (whether it’s about blogging or something completely different) and write about that

12. Create a 100-list together

These mammoth list posts are great for many things – your existing audience and search engines. Writing on by yourself, though? Well, that is both hard and time consuming. Writing a 100-list together, however? Now, that’s a different story.

13. Create a video.

14. Make a course, or a free resource together

15. Plan a dream together – whether that’s a dream party; a dream house; a dream wedding

16. Do a shared review

17. Have a “sit down chat” with you and another blogger

This could be sharing memories, advice, or just having . . . well, a sit down chat. It’s a nice, personal post.

18. Create a bucketlist of things to do in your respective areas

19. Create a tutorial for the other blogger to share and follow

20. Send a pen pal letter!

 I think Pen Pals are one of the cutest ideas ever. Who doesn’t love recieving a hand-written letter?

Okay, so those are just 20 ideas that you could use for your next collaboration post. What do you think of them? Do you have any collaboration post ideas that you enjoy using? What was your favourite idea? Let me know in the comments!

All the love,

Mia x

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This is so helpful. Great post. 🙂


Thank you so much – let me know if you give any of these a try! 🙂 x

Love this list!! I will definitely try some of these, especially the bucket list of things to do in your area. Great ideas <3

Thank you! I’m so glad you’ll use some ideas – let me know when you do so that I can check the posts out!<3

Sure thing! x

The sending an outfit is a great idea! I’ve never actually done a blog collab but I would love to do one. By the way I absolutely adore your blog layout!
Amy xx

Thank you so much – that was actually one of the first things I thought when I saw your blog! And you definitely should; they’re great fun 😀 xx

Eeee these are all such great ideas! *busily scribbles down ideas for blog posts*

I love #16. I’ve done collab reviews of the past few seasons of Doctor Who, and it was a ton of fun. I’ve been meaning to do some collab reviews of various books, movies, etc and I’ve already talked to the people I want to write them with but unfortunately we’re both so busy at the moment that we just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and put these posts together! Oh well, we’ll do it someday. ^_^

Thank you so much for this post! Also, I just noticed that you changed your blog design… I normally see your posts via WordPress Reader, so I hadn’t seen it before! It looks lovely! 😀

A collaboration sounds fun 🙂

This is such a great post! Keep it up! <3

This sounds fun! You just gave me some creative ideas for my new blog! Thanks! 🙂

Aw thank you! If you ever try any of these, let me know! 🙂

I love how all of your posts are actually genuine and helpful!

Thank you so much! I’m just checking your blog out now! 😀 x

The giveaway collab definitely works! You get a lot of exposure and it’s like helping each other out…

I love all the ideas!! 🙂 Will definitely try one of these <3

Absolutely love this post! Sorry I was creeping on your blog but damn, these ideas are next level and very fun and creative! I love the outfit challenges and the unwrapping and reviews! xxx


Aw thank you! And don’t worry about it – when I get a free minute, I plan to creep on yours too! 😀 YES – I love those ideas too! If you ever want to collab, let me know! 😀 xxx

This is so helpful! Thank you so much girl xx


Seriously, this has helped SO MUCH! Thank you!

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