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Topshop bohemian choker

It’s time . . . to see what’s in those bags!

What do we want?

Sparkly things!

When do we want them?

Literally all the time, please.

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So, remember my little trip into central London? (If you don’t, go check it out!) Well, today I bring you the fruits of my labour. The corn of my field. The straws on my camel’s-

Wait, that is definitely not the right phrase.

Moving on.

Today, I’m sharing with you the cute (sparkly!) things that I bought during my little adventure with Danielle. And, no, I’m not talking about the £500 camera. Jesus Christ, I mean you’ve got to let that go already. You accidentally buy one camera . . .

(Besides, I cancelled it, jeesh. Look at me, being responsible and everything.)

I’m talking about something far more precious than a camera . . . I’m talking about jewellery. I’m talking that awesome, sparkly thing that totally tops off your outfit. That makes you glitter like a disco ball. The star atop your needle-y Christmas tree.

Seriously, what is it with you and all these weird not-quite metaphors today?

And now I’ve finished talking. Let’s move on to the pretty things . . .

The first shop I threw money at carelessly was Topshop – and I regret . . . nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I regret spending over £12 per choker about as much as Trump regrets grabbing women “by the pussy”.

Cue the tidal wave of sadness, desolation and melancholy that now resides over me like a hanging cloud to make an appearance. Mia, why do you do this to yourself?

Topshop bohemian choker

The first thing I bought is almost defensible. In fact, it’s so close to being a justified purchase that I’m sure convincing myself to buy it could count as evidence towards a Law degree.

This beautiful choker necklace is bohemian; it’s earthy and it’s perfect for my late-March holiday to Mauritius. Oh, have I not mentioned that on the blog yet?

I’m going on holiday soon!

Well, yes, I was lucky enough to twist my dad’s arm into taking me on his free 5* work holiday. Yes, kids, bullying is wrong – unless there’s a suntan and a beach at stake.

I love the colours of this choker and I’m really into beads at the moment, so that was a big yes from me as well!

My next purchase is . . . okay, well, I love it just as much.

My next precious is . . . yet another choker. I should probably warn you now – there are many, many more to come. They’re kind of a theme.

This choker I adore because it’s a little more edgy, a bit more “rock”. It’s definitely coming with me to Lisbon for Guns’N’Roses. (Another thing I’m not sure if I’ve brought up on the blog yet – I’m going to Lisbon to watch Guns’N’Roses in June. Very, very excited.)

Now, although I love the overall look of this choker, it’s the little detailing that makes this such a to die for . . . what’s a word that’s a bit less pretentious than “piece”? I don’t have the street cred to be calling my wardrobe “pieces”. (Other than my kimonos and I reserve that right because they are little pieces of heaven.)

What really stood out to me when I saw this was that I loved everything. The cross design of the chain itself, the charms, the way it all fit together . . . and, naturally, the fact that there are crystals and gemstones on it. That was a big selling point.

From Topshop, these were my only two purchases because this was at the point of the day that I still posessed this thing called restraint.

I mean, that promptly disappeared in the less-than-a-minute walk from Oxford Street Topshop to Miss Selfridge, but it existed in the first place and that’s what’s important.

The next shop to take advantage of my vulnerable purse was Miss Selfridge. Let me just give you some free advice here: if you’re thinking about walking into Miss Selfridge, don’t. Save yourself the money or the heartache or restraining yourself because . . . there was just so much to love.

So many cute necklaces screaming “Mia, I’d look great with that dress!” and “I’m cute, but totally versatile enough for work too!”. I felt pressured. Peer-pressured.

The first things I picked up are what I like to fondly refer to as “a sign from God”.

If you know anything about me, if you’ve been here long enough to see past my capitalist shell, then you know what I love. You know where my heart sings and my soul flies.

And you’ll know why I almost bought the whole rack of these bracelets.

I’m very into my spirituality and the chakras are something that I really love the symbolism of. When I ran my Etsy store I actually sold some crystals engraved with different chakra symbols. So it’s like the big G decided to pop in, have a cup of tea and leave me with a nice packet of biscuits after he left.

Dear God, I’m so British.

I got three of the bracelets with my favourite chakras and meanings. I love the packaging (we all know how much I adore branding; I admit, I’m a sucker.) and how meaningful it looks. The bracelets themselves are really cute and dainty too.

(Side note: I definitely want to adapt the symbol for intuition for a tattoo.)

I’m not going to lie . . . this choker answered a lot of my prayers. I’ve been craving delicate jewellery thanks to Pinterest, but it’s surprisingly hard to find necklaces that are delicate without being tacky. (By tacky I mean: low quality or a strange brassy colour or just a little off.)

When I saw this beauty, I absolutely couldn’t resist. It’s delicate and so very pretty.

My last pick-up from Miss Selfridge was this really cute layered necklace set. It has everything a girl could ever need (a moon, an elephant, a hamsa hand and a crystal? Tumblr had a baby and it grew up beautiful.) and the different chain types for some reason just really appealed to me.

Now, last but not least, the last leg of our race is actually from none other than . . . Primark! I didn’t get these little additions in London with Danielle, but they are jewellery so I figured it counted.

Primark actually surprised me with the quality of some of their jewellery. Usually, I won’t lie, I tend to find them on the slightly tackier side

 The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous little choker set. I love the colours and the mix of fabrics and . . . ugh, it’s just so dainty.

For £2, you get a set of three chokers. If there’s one thing Primark can’t be beaten on, it is most definitely price!

My next purchase was a little rose gold filigree necklace. I’m not really sure why I picked this up, but it was £1.50 and . . . well, rose gold. So who can really blame me?

And here, finally, is one of the prettiest things I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. This choker is . . . so many different types of perfect.

Needless to say, I think I have enough jewellery for now.

Thank you guys for reading – and, well, just making it this far down. Let me know what your favourite picks were! Do you have any favourite jewellery shops that you think I should check out?

All the love,

Mia x

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Wow a lot of jewellery, and they’re all so beautiful <3 absolutely love your chain choker from Topshop, well jell that you have the perfect opportunity to wear it at Guns n Roses! 😉

Thank you! My eyes thank me while my bank balance cries??? and me too! Im so excited???

Ahaha at least your heart will sing every time you put them on 😉

Primark did a good job with those jewelry pieces. Everything looks so beautiful. 🙂


Thank you 🙂 and yes i was surprised!x

What a beautiful haul! I thought each time I scrolled down, now this one I would buy. I got down to the page, I could buy them all basically! So pretty! xoxo Sarah

Thank you! I loved them too – and there was so much more in store that I had to restrain myself from buying! xoxo

Haha I know the feeling! xoxo Sarah

So many beautiful necklaces 🙂 🙂 I really love the elephant one, so cute! <3 <3 x x

Aw thank you! And yes i love elephants! xx

Your welcome dear 🙂 🙂 Yay, they are so smart, and adorable <3 <3 x x

My eyes are mesmerized seeing all that bling! Loved the Chakra jewelry 🙂
P.S. Just followed your blog 🙂

Makeup, Style and Sugar

Thank you lovely; I’ll check yours out! xx

O m g!!! Those chokers, necklaces and bracelets though! I’m dying, they’re so beautiful! Wow, there’s so many but I’m obsessed and really want to get some. They all look super cute, trendy n glamorous! I’m seriously in love with them all and Primark actually do really good and fashionable jewellery for amazing prices which I think is fab! Love this post so much, if you have any more hauls please do update! much love girly xxx

Aw thank you so much! We should collab at some point and do a massive haul…always a good excuse for more shopping ;D xx

ooh yes that’s actually an amazing idea! I would love to do that! u should message me on twitter as well lovely! xxx

OMG this is so my style.. I need to get my hands on all of them! I love every single one of them! #needasap ?? xx

DO IT! a girl can never have too much jewellery 😉 x

Haha that’s very true! ? xx

see this

I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

Wow! What a nice blog post, thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/
IG: @aprilnunezzz

Thank you! Have a great Friday too! xx

My next purchase was a little rose gold filigree necklace. I’m not really sure why I picked this up, but it was £1.50 and . . . well, rose gold. So who can really blame me?.
Ha, that got me giggling, loved this post x

Aw thank you lovely! x

I love that top beaded choker! So cute

-xoxo, Azanique

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