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Blogging Tips - How To Improve Old Content To Increase Its Google Page Rank

** Learn how to boost your site views massively by monitoring and improving existing content to get it that SEO boost it needs! **

Blogging Tips - How To Improve Old Content To Increase Its Google Page Rank

Hey guys, hey!

Remember ages ago when I studied email marketing at work and I brought it back to you with some inspiring web design? Well, today we have another work inspired post. Which is good for you because what do I do at work?

Content marketing. IE: professional blogging.

So something that I did last month actually tripled the page views on a couple of our posts, which was great. (And I’m not talking small 100 to 300 figures either.) So I figured that I would share the method to help you. (And, naturally, myself too. Because capitalism.)

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Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move onto improving our old content!

 First – Identify Which Content You Want To Improve

1. Identify Your Highest Performing Pages

Typically, your highest performing pages are already doing something right. Whether that’s clearly identifying and targeting an audience, being well-optimized or just being on a subject that lots of people are looking up, there’s a reason that they’re your highest performers.

You can use these pages as a spring-board to gain big time traffic. “How?” you may ask. “They’re already doing well, so what’s the point?” you may say.

Well, if your post is on the first page of Google (low position) and is getting a couple of thousand monthly views for various terms and you improve it, then your post could move up a few positions and wham, bam, thank you ma’am – you have a shit-ton more traffic.

For this, I would recommend looking at Google Search Console instead of your WordPress stats. This is because WordPress stats aren’t just search data like Search Console is – WordPress includes social visits, blog followers, etc. Which all counts, but to increase your visits month-on-month you want to target and increase your search engine traffic. This will likely slash your figures, but don’t be disheartened!

Here are my most popular pages from 1-13th February.

2. Alternatively, Identify Your Most Popular Keywords and Improve Pages Containing Them

The purpose of this is to see what your site currently ranks for and is being found on – so that you can improve on it. If you’re being found 200 times for a term, you can increase the landing page’s optimization, move up your ranks and start getting 600 views.

Keywords My Site Is Found On (Search Console)

These are the keywords that my site was found on in February. I can clearly identify the content that is currently performing well – Teen Party Ideas.

(I use Google Search Console to find my keywords and keyword phrases. It’s a free tool by Google and I’ve shared its uses for bloggers here.)

3. Or Identify Your Least Popular Keywords and Improve On Pages Containing Them

This is a big one that I used at work.

Identify the keywords you’re currently not ranking for at all, the ones that bring you maybe one or two clicks, group them into relevant categories and find the pages that they land on. From there, you can start to optimize your webpage for these keywords and bring their traffic in too.

This is something we’ll be doing later on regardless to help us find ideas on how to improve our existing content.

4. You could even look on Pinterest and gather a feeling for what your most shared content is

This is a big one for bloggers as Pinterest can be a massive source of traffic. It’s particularly good for me because it almost exclusively caters to my target audience/similar audiences to the ones that I target.

If you want to see what content from your site is being shared across Pinterest, all you need to do is follow this link: https://uk.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com/

(If you want to check out what content is shared most frequently from my site you can check it out here: https://uk.pinterest.com/source/okaaythen.com/ )

It’s worthwhile to note that this link only counts original pins – so only pins that people have directly pressed accessed your website and created, as opposed to pins that people have re-pinned.

Next Step – Pin-point Ways To Improve Your Content

Now you have your old content ready to rework, it’s time to pin-point ways to improve it. Sneakily, I already have a little head-start on this because my 35 teen party themes post gets traffic . . . but is terrible, so I pre-spruced it up.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the (painful) pre-pre-spruce, but I can describe it and help you identify some areas you may want to look at.

1. Images

Images are a massive part of your content. They demonstrate your points, they break up your text and they can add to your blog’s branding. If your post is full of sub-par, Paint, pixellated pictures that engage nobody and are an eyesore . . . well, we need to work on that, don’t we?

Reaction to bad images in content

Poor Phoebe . . . she saw your post PRE sprucing. Oh dear. How embarassing.

(Pictures are also great for sharing!)

2. Content

Here’s the thing. As bloggers, we learn to create valuable content. We don’t just jump out the cradle with wit, passable grammar and an ability to entertain whilst providing genuine value.

It’s a skill. And skills are typically learnt.

This means that, in all likelihood, your older posts are going to be embarassing. You’re going to cringe reading them and your content is going to be sub-par at best.

Read through your old content and identify what’s missing. Do you need shorter and more easily read paragraphs? Is your grammar correct? Did you subscribe to the disconcerting theory that using “text speak” was somehow okay in blog posts just because they’re on the internet? (Hint: it’s not. Comments – yeah, fine; I’m lazy too. Blog posts? No.)

3. SEO Optimisation

Another skill that is both not innate and essential – SEO. With your earlier posts, it’s likely you had no clue what you were doing when it comes to SEO. Is this understandable? Yes. Is it going to help your blog? No.

 Find new keywords to target

Remember when I said that we were going to come back to looking at our keywords? Well, here we are!

To find out what keywords you want to start targeting, march yourself back to Search Console and gather all the keywords you need for your content. Make a note of them and then we’ll use them later.

3. Implement Changes

I haven’t gone into detail on how you’re going to make these changes yet. Hopefully you have a few ideas yourself – but here are a few things that you could do to upgrade your old content and take it to the next level.

Pin-able image

Creating high-quality images is a pretty essential thing for all your posts, but creating Pin-able images is what will really help your content take off.

(Cue the cursory Pinterest image)

How I Improved An Old Post and Moved To A Top Spot On Google

(Pin this post!)

Having a picture that is Pinterest worthy encourages people to Pin your content and, when it does make it up onto Pinterest, it actually encourages people to repin. Considering the Pinterest itself acts as a search engine, this can be very good for your blog’s traffic.

Use Your New Keywords

This is pretty self-explanatory, but the more keywords you use within your content the more likely it is to get found. (Obviously, these need to be natural and un-stuffed.) Increase your keyword density and make sure to place them strategically.

Strategic places include:

  • In headings
  • In the first paragraph
  • In ALT tags
  • In your content. Duh.

If you notice, on blog posts that I focus SEO on (or that I want people to be able to very quickly understand) I’ll include a brief description including my keyword or keyword phrase first.

ALT Tags

Speaking of ALT Tags . . . ALT Tags are the thing that everyone forgets, but they’re an absolute essential when it comes to SEO. ALT tags are not just an opportunity for you to slip some more keywords in; they’re an opportunity for you to get found on Google Image Search.

Better readability

I’m currently in the process of how to write structured blog posts for SEO, but making sure that your content is well laid out and easy to navigate is important for both the human aspect and the search-bot aspect.

Meta data

Your meta data is essentially you telling Google what your blog post is about. You can choose what your posts look like in search engines as opposed to having them pick a snippet using your post’s content.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to upgrade your old content. What were my results?

Increased Google Rank Result

I moved up to the second position on Google for “teen party themes”!

So, to summarise, it’s often worthwhile going back and revamping your old blog posts. Not only can you increase traffic to your site significantly . . . it also saves you the bitter embarassment of having people find your precious baby through one of your awkward, badly written cringe-compilations.

Definitely worth it.

I hope you guys found this helpful – let me know if you’ll try it! Leave me a comment about this post, or feel free to request what the next Blogging 101 post should be about!

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

This is such a helpful post! Definitely bookmarking this for my admin days. Thanks lovely.

Terri x

Thank you! x

This is such a helpful post! Great tips! Definitely keeping them in mind coz I was thinking of refreshing old content and use it again! xx C&K

Thank you so much! It’s definitely worth re-visiting old content and giving it a boost! xx

This is dope! Definitely have to save this and come back to it when I need it?

Thank you; I’m glad you think so! x

I love reading posts like these! I’ll be bookmarking it and using it when I have time 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


Aw thank you! I hope you do get the time to rework some old posts – it can really be a great boost to your blog!x

Great read! X

thank you x

Okay, this is something i need to keep up to date with! You’re now my blog guru

Emily-May x

aw thank you so much lovely! I’d definitely recommend it – can be a BIG blog booster 🙂

God I don’t even like to think about my old posts ?I do need to take a whole day to going through and pretty much rewriting all of them because they’re such a mess. Even some of my recent ones are just like my god you’re so lazy these pictures are horrible and why do you not write like a normal human. What a mess. That google tool thing you have ever so kindly shared looks great and although I doubt I’ll be able to use it due to my general ineptness I can hope to try and use it??

ME NEITHER! It hurts me when I get those comment notifications off of old posts like…no I’m trying to pretend this doesn’t exist, let me live my life! And yep I totally hear that. My last couple posts are total polar opposites – the embroidered shoes haul? Jesus Christ, you call that photography? But the jewellery post like a week earlier…the photography was fine. I’d love to say all the crap is old content, but . . . it would be a lie. And yeah definitely try it! It’s actually crazy easy to use (UNLIKE ANALYTICS WHICH IS JUST CONFUSING. ;-; ) and its super helpful

Exactly like I have posts from Boxing Day when I was just lazy af and didn’t wanna take proper pictures but then I quite like my more recent posts it’s just such a pain?

Ngl i was tempted to make a “actually half decent posts” page where i could just tag pages i liked and tell people to start there before they judge me??

That’s actually a good idea because there are some 2015 posts that literally make me shudder when I think about them not only do I speak like I have not yet been released from the womb but every picture is blurry af and it’s just not good??

DUDE I am bookmarking this post for later because this is something I’ve wondered about before! I’m pretty proud of some of my past posts so I like the idea of people actually being able to still find them somehow. 😀

YES! Your writing is always on point, though, so I don’t really think the past embarrassment is an issue for you. Some of my past posts…I shudder to think. But yes totally go and give your old posts a boost!

This is so helpful, will defo have to have a look through some of my old blogposts. x

Do it its so worthwhile! X

This is so helpful!! I definitely bookmarked this so I can use it for a reference when I need a little boost to help me with my blog! 🙂 Thanks!

Im so glad! Its a neat little trick ?x

This is so helpful!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your insight!

xx Auna |http://simplyauna.com

Aw im so glad! I hope it helps xx

Amazing and such a helpful post! 🙂


I’ve often toyed with going back to improve my old posts. Part of me thinks, I should leave them as they are so show progress / improvement – but ultimately, what does that serve? No one doing a google search for an article cares if I’ve improved my blog over time, they’re just looking at the one post they see. I’m going to go back to improve more of the key words and tags.
One of my 2017 goals is to get visibility through Pinterest – it’s such a great source to gain traffic.
Thanks for this! 🙂

I definitely think it’s a good idea! I actually really understand that; it’s really nice to be able to look back on your older posts YOURSELF and see how much you’ve improved . . . but yeah – if people land on them, that’s the first impression they have of your blog 🙁 I’m thinking of writing a blogging 101 post on Pinterest because it really is an AMAZING traffic source x

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