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Last December, my poor innocent daddy fell victim to media propoganda and bought me what television ads told him every girl/woman wants. Jewellery.

In fact, he bought into the delusion so deeply that he went straight for the boss fight – Pandora. Everyone, every holiday has heard of Pandora. They’ve seen Pandora. They’ve felt the loving touch of it on their Christmas ads, felt the depth of emotion it conveys in Instagram posts and they’ve all been told: Pandora jewellery is the ultimate gift.

Don’t even deny it. How many girls have you seen with the symbolic “princess” ring on their finger? Hm? Hmm? How many times have you thought “wow, it’s a thoughtful gift and it’s expensive – so she’ll know how much I love her!”.

Well, my poor father fell into the trap.

My sweet, naive spawner wanted to make my 18th special and he bought me . . . a Pandora bracelet.

(Now might be the time to say that I very much appreciate him for this. I love the bracelet and I love him and it was a great gift. But I’m doing this for the people.)

So what do I think?

Well, truthfully, it depends.

To me, I love the bracelet for a multitude of reasons:

A. My dad picked out all the charms for a specific reason and he explained them all to me. It was thoughtful, it makes the bracelet meaningful and I value it as something much more than mere jewellery.

B. Pandora’s branding is very high quality. Even the little personalised booklet shows quality.

C. Pretty.

D. Allows my dad to feel like he’s got me a satisfactory birthday present. In my family, we’re big gift givers and if it’s not massive or blow-your-mind amazing, we’ll be way more disappointed than you.

The bracelet, while pretty enough to wear, to me is more of a memento. I’ll definitely wear it – but it will be one of my much more treasured possessions as opposed to my the thing that lives on my wrist.

So with this in mind I decided to write a post exploring whether Pandora bracelets (or their other jewellery) is a worthwhile gift to give. Let’s PROS and CONS it.

Why Pandora Jewellery Makes A Good Gift For Her

Is Pandora A Good Gift For Her & Cheaper Alternatives

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  • It’s high quality jewellery. Although costume jewellery can look just as cute, giving someone such a high-quality gift is a bigger statement, let’s face it. You’re giving them something of quality, which means that you think they’re worth it – and that’s something that means more than the gift itself.
  • You’re paying for the brand. This is a pro and a con – but when you buy someone Pandora jewellery . . . you’re buying them Pandora jewellery. Due to those same marketing efforts that made you think that Pandora would be a good gift, the gift recepient is likely to squal “ohmygosh, you got me Pandora!”.
  • That being said, it’s not that expensive (all things considered). Compared to other brands offering the same or similar things, Pandora is a much cheaper alternative.
  • It’s a meaningful gift. The problem I often find with gifts is that people will jump to the most expensive just to be able to say “I spent this much on you”. Although Pandora jewellery is on the expensive side (although not excessively for real jewellery) it is also a very meaningful gift. You pick out charms and designs and they all have their seperate meanings behind them.
  • Very cute.
  • Very hard to go wrong with. The great thing about Pandora bracelets as a gift is that the recepient can add to them. So if you buy them a few charms you can’t really go wrong – because they can add whatever they want to it anyway.
  • Good recurring gift. The thing about Pandora bracelets is that you can constantly add to them – so you give it as a gift once, but you can gift the charms over and over again. I’m already adding some charms to my wishlist for Christmas this year.

Cons of buying Pandora as a gift

  • Does the person you’re buying for like jewellery? Like, real jewellery? There’s a big difference between costume jewellery (what you buy from River Island) and real jewellery. You can love one and hate the other. My mum, for example, cannot take care of things to save her life. Buying her Pandora would probably annoy her because she would just turn around and say “it’s going to get broken, you should have just bought me pyjamas”.
  • It’s expensive. For what it is, Pandora isn’t that expensive – try buying a Tiffany’s bracelet – but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. You’re easily looking at spending £350+ on a bracelet with a few charms. The rings are cheaper though.

So is Pandora a good gift?

I would definitely say yes. If you’re buying a gift for her, then you want something meaningful. Pandora jewellery is personal, it’s classy, it’s quality and the price tag isn’t too high.

Cheaper Pandora Bracelet Alternatives

Now, I’m fully aware that Pandora is definitely out of some people’s price range. But you know what? That’s not an issue!

If you like the idea of Pandora bracelets, but you don’t like the price tag, I have some cheap Pandora style bracelets and charms just waiting for you. Personally, I think these would make really cute best friend gifts or good gifts for younger girls.

  1. Cheap Pandora Style Bracelet With Heart Clasp
    Pandora Style Silver Bracelet (Fits Pandora Charms) – £12.99
  2. Baby Pink Cheap Pandora Style Bracelet
    Baby Pink Pandora Style Bracelet – £13.99
    Light Blue Charm Bracelet – £12.99
  4. Elegant Women Charm Bracelet Jewellery Purple Crystal Flo...
    Purple Charm Bracelet – £7.83

Amazon have a really wide variety of cheap Pandora style bracelets – and individual charms.

Good Pandora Gifts To Give

However, if you do want to gift someone something from Pandora, but you aren’t quite sure what to give . . . I’ve got you covered.

  1. Pandora Princess Ring
    Pandora Princess Ring – £60
  2. Pretty pinks: Stackable Ring Set – £195
  3. Forget-Me-Not Ring – £99
  4. Heart Bracelet – £195
  5. Birthstone Bracelet – £99

Okay, so to summarise: I would definitely recommend Pandora bracelets as a gift.

Have any of you recieved Pandora jewellery as a present? Do you think it would make a good gift? And aren’t the charms my dad picked cute?

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

Such a great post. Very informative and well written. Gotta say that bracelet is super super pretty. xx

Thank you so much! And yes I love it – my dad did very well in picking it out! xx

Lovely review!! Thanks for sharing! I think it’s so cute that your dad got you this. I don’t think it’s easy for a man to pick out something for his daughter… My dad only buys me something once in a few years, but when he does, he always sticks to something classic. I love the design of the bracelet, but I love even more the alternatives you’ve given :D. xoxo Sarah

Thank you so much! And I would typically agree, but my dad and I are really really close so I think he finds me pretty easy to buy for 😀 but yes the alternative ones are really cute! I was thinking of buying one for everyday wear 🙂 xx

I always like to buy jewelry, but I end up forgetting to wear it. Also, I work a lot at a desk, so I tend to avoid bracelets that you can hear scraping while I’m typing… xoxo Sarah

The gift is beautiful . I do agree that they are a little pricey especially for a student like me but I’d really love a gift like this.

Exactly! I think it depends on circumstance; for adults on a larger income, it’s not such a large amount of money – but for students spending £360 on a bracelet is a pretty crazy idea!x

I’ve always seen the Pandora commercials but never really paid so much attention on them! Though, I have to admit, a lot of advertisements including jewelry of any sort are always aimed to say you need this or your significant other needs this in their life like air to breathe- but with that said I actually love the sentimental value of the bracelet. I didn’t know that you can add different charms every time- each charm can hold a different story and each can serve as a reminder for certain things- I think it makes an amazing gift!


Me neither! I have to admit it’s not something I ever would have asked for or really thought of, but it was such a lovely gift to recieve – and it’s a lot more meaningufl than I would have guessed it would be!x

This was such an interesting post to read. I always see at least someone wearing a pandora ring, bracelet and on TV. Pandora make really cute and pretty jewellery and I don’t actually own anything from there but would love to one day! Just a bit broke right now haha! lovely post Mia xx

sami |

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