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As someone that loves art in pretty much every form it comes in (yes, sometimes even poetry. Rarely, but it still happens.), I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love tattoos. Like, seriously adore them. Probably obsessively. I’m part of a narcissistic generation (I mean, I write about my life and actually expect people to care; what does that say about me? That I’m great. Oh, was I meant to let you answer that?) but my camera roll isn’t full of selfies; it’s full of Pinterest and Tumblr screenshots.

Shock. Horror.

Now, I don’t really blame myself for this addiction. My parents, the irresponsible human beings that they are, have nurtured this love – and even booked me a tattoo on the day of my 18th birthday. Yes, not even a full 24 hours after it’s legal they strapped me to a chair to get inked.

What monsters.

Anyways, this looming deadline (can you tell I’m excited? I know my enthusiasm is overwhelming, but don’t worry – it is genuine and not just for the views. We keep it authentic here.) meant that I had to decide on a first tattoo. Which is hard because you have to factor in things like size, position, whether you want shading or not – oh, and whether or not you can even make it through the tattoo or not. Yes, I would personally recommend going small on your first tattoo, just so that if you really can’t handle the pain you aren’t left with half a tattoo you can’t get completed because you’re pathetic. Kidding. Kind of.

So today I bring to you 30 cute and teeny tiny tattoos that probably won’t take more than 20 minutes to get done (that, by the way, was a completely unreferenced claim and is likely to be completely wrong. Such is life.). So, if you want to tap out on your first go round, you won’t be permanently stuck with disgusting malformed ink. Yay.

  1. This cute little space tattoo. Source.
    12 Unique Girlish Hand Poked Tattoos You Will Love To Get Inked:
  2. A tiny little heart. Source.
    Pinterest: bellaxlovee ☼:
  3. A wee moon. La lune. Source.
    There are nights where the wolves are silent and the moon howls:
  4. A small Ohm Buddhist tattoo. Source.
    Ohm/Unalome tattoo•. ƸӜƷ •.Unalome - .This symbol is a representation of reaching enlightenment. The path starts in the center of the spiral, and as you continue down this path you are wandering, becoming more conscious of your surroundings. When you reach the top of the symbol (the straight line), you have reached enlightenment.♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥K@marinti Love the placement:
  5. Be Brave. Motivational quote tattoo. Source.
    This under the mountain tattoo on right wrist to symbolise conquer of heights so conquer anything:
  6. Minimal tree tattoo. Source.
    70+ Simple and Small Minimalist Tattoos Design Ideas:
  7. A simple rose. Okay, so not exactly simple, but it isn’t massive. Source.
    Creative small tattoos
  8. Cute little Cinderalla tattoo. Source.
    minimalist tattoos ideas
  9. Origami crane with a pop of colour. It’s beautiful. Source.
    small tattoos for women
  10. This beautiful coloured deer (I’m guessing?) tattoo. Source.
    minimal deer tattoo
  11. I love line hand tattoos and this one is so simple and cute. Source.
    minimal back tattoo
  12. Small flowers.
    Monday Randoms. More:
  13. Teeny tiny sun and moon
    Moon and sun small tattoo middle back •• Instagram: morgs475 More:
  14. Clarity.
    See this Instagram photo by @sofiarichie • 99k likes:
  15. Small curly tattoo!
    50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns | Stylist Magazine:
    I love this little curly pattern!
  16. Stay weird!
    Maybe running down my leg or round my waist??:
    Because I think it’s important to have a permanent reminder to stay weird.
  17. Dandelion
    Planning to get inked? Here are some tattoos are are totally trending right now!:
  18. Delicate Flower Tattoo
    small tattoo More:
  19. A plane tattoo!
    I love to travel and I will go all over the world:
  20. This little sun!
    Small Sun Tattoo by Matt Roe:
  21. A cute little moon (That I really want!)
    Cute Symbolic Small Tattoos For Girls, check it out at http://makeuptutorials.com/small-tattoo-ideas/:
  22. This little stairway
     : Source
  23. Free as a bird.
    98 Real-Girl Tiny Tattoo Ideas For Your First Ink | POPSUGAR Beauty UK:
  24. Dot bracelet
    Thinking about getting inked? Check out our top 65 small tattoo ideas from…:
  25. An anklet tattoo!
    Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Feather Anklet Tattoo:
  26. Glass shards
    Image result for minimal tattoos
  27. Mermaid Tail
    Image result for minimal tattoos
  28. Flowers in a bottle
    Related image
  29. Diver!
    Image result for minimal tattoos
  30. Four leaf clover
    Image result for minimal tattoos

And there we have it – 30 cute little tattoos that even the most squeamish, needle-shy ink-virgin can handle. Now, I realise I haven’t actually shared my first tattoo with you yet.

Oh, you thought that was me about to, didn’t you?

Well, you were right.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know what you think of these adorable little tattoo ideas! Which was your favourite? Or would you go big?

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

I seriously love all those tattoos. each one of them is so cute. idk why but i love the plane one. just reminds me of travelling and exploring, something I really want to do more! and your tattoo holy! it looks SO GOOD! this is such an amazing post girly! love u! xxx

sami | possiblysami.com

Aww i love that! I do think the plane one has a great meaning! And thank you so much lovely! It really didn’t hurt that much either; if you’re on the fence about ever getting a small tattoo, I would totally do it! love you too!xxx

love the floral one and the deer! x

me too! I love small tattoo designs – they’re gorgeous!xx

Your tattoo looks amazing! ❤
I love the moon and the flowers tattoo. But all of them are very cute! Hopefully I will get one by the end of next month. ?

Thank you so much lovely! And oooooh I love those too! What tattoo are you thinking about getting – and let me know when it’s done so I can see it! xx

Haha. I have a huge list of tattoos I want. 😛

same here girl same here 🙁

Would have never thought I’d want a tattoo, but these little ones are so cute. specially one on the shoulders. I wouldn’t mind the heart or a little bird.

Funmi x

Fair enough! I absolutely love this tiny, delicate ones! xx

Oh my goodness this post is literally amazing and your blog is so stunning! I really want a small dainty tattoo when I’m older and these ones are so so goregous and I love yours too!
-Olivia Xxx


THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVELY! I love tattoos – I have a sinking suspicion that they’re going to become an addiction of mine ;-; xx

nice ideas

Thank you!

I love them! If only I had room for them all. I cannot wait to get tattooed again, I shall be looking at this post for inspiration! Love your tattoo, so pretty and unique x

Sick Chick Chic

Thank you so much! I can’t wait for my next one either; I think I’m going to go small to conserve space so I can get more tattoos haha 😉 x

I think you read my mind.. February 17 I was looking for small tattoos around the web and the next day you post this LOL! I love your tattoo, It’s gorgeous!

ARE YOU BACK BLOGGING AGAIN? YAY! and thank you so much!xx

Yes I am! Had writers block a few days after I came back from my hiatus haha but I’m back now! ??

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently! I love the idea of a personal,delicate tattoo but I don’t know how I could possibly decide on a design – my main fear would be that thousands of other people have the exact same one whereas I would want something that’s ‘me’ ! Love all of these tattoos, especially the space and the stairway one! x

Summer, http://www.thetwinswardrobe.com

You know what – I honestly understand what you mean exactly! For my first tattoo, I wanted something that was pretty, meaningful and unique; I actually let my parents choose the concept image and then I went to the tattoo artist and asked him to create something unique from that. He was amazing! The additional shapes and the colours were all him 🙂 If you find a good artist, they often want to create something unique too 🙂 x

Cute tattoos! 😉 I love the origami one… what did you end up getting?

These are all so adorable and wonderful. I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while. I might go a bit bigger than these ones. I’m really into the mandala patterns. These are all so cool too though ??

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