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I know; you’re overwhelmed. The feelings of fearful hope, angst, desolation and confusion are rearing their head and you aren’t quite sure how to feel. Something has shocked you, something’s jolted you out of your dreary normalcy; completely blown your mind and destroyed your perspective on the world . . .

I actually updated my blog.

(As in now. This is the update. Just . . . just making that real clear before you all go getting confused.)

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Now, you may understandably be completely confused by my next sentence as I’ve been so noticeably absent, but recently I’ve been so inspired. The urge to create has been bubbling away inside of me and I’ve been blessed with loads of ideas.

The thing I haven’t had, of course, is time. I’ve been working a lot; I’ve just started hitting the gym and my energy seems to be taking a sabbatical.

However, the great thing is . . . I have a holiday coming up! A time in which to recuperate, enjoy myself and, most importantly, tan.

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Dude, me too. I’m as pale as the Ice King and it needs to stop.

So today’s post is something that we’re (hopefully) going to be doing more of – Art With Me!

Now, I’m not sure if you guys know, but I actually really enjoy journalling. Over my life, I’ve kept pretty consistent diaries (half of which have been burnt or otherwise disposed) – and they’ve always been a touch creative. In my older ones, there were comic strips and I used to tell my recounts with doodles.

There was one little series I used to love drawing – 100 ways to kill people. I miss those doodles; they were so morbid.

As I’ve got older and blogged more, I haven’t really journalled or kept a diary as much – which is something I’ve changed this year and I have a little art journal that has (incredibly sporadic) entries in it. So . . . come and art journal with me!

Subscribe to my channel, by the way. I may actually post something worthwhile one day and then you could be one of those smug people that says “I knew her from the start” and won’t that be great?

I could blabber on about the journal pages, but . . . I really don’t want to. It’ll be boring for both parties. Enjoy the pictures.

However, I won’t just leave you high and dry. Here’s a quick sneak peek at a post I’m working on at the moment that’s all about workspaces, in the form of some pictures of my desk that were too pretty too keep to myself.

Isn’t it just gorgeous? Well, you wouldn’t know because you haven’t seen it yet – but still.

I hope you enjoyed this little post; make sure to check out the video, I think I actually did pretty okay with the editing for this one! Sorry this post isn’t a long one; I’m actually working on a couple of others that I think you guys will really enjoy.

Let me know what you thought of the video and the diary – do you guys keep a journal of any kind?

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

Your journal page is beautiful! I don’t consider myself to have a journal bit I do have a to do list book and decorate it with drawings. Loved the post! Xxx

Thank you lovely! And that sounds organised – I wish I could be organised but I’m way too flaky for that so a sporadic journal is the best it gets. If you share some of the drawings, let me know – that would be a great post to read!xxx

My drawings aren’t the best? but I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the idea? xxx

Your drawings are so delicate but edgy, I love them <3 the video was great, thought it could have been a bit closer so that we could appreciate the details 😉 your workspace is so amazing too!

Thank you lovely! And I noticed that – it was so annoying; I have a shelf looking over my desk that I kind of balanced it on and when I set it up I thought I’d zoomed it in, but . . . well, I hadn’t ;-; But thank you for watching it! I’m in the middle of redecorating my workspace (gotta at least TRY to be productive, right?) atm 😀

Yeah that’s annoying – oh well, it was a pretty cool video, loved your workspace <3 haha hope it helps you be more productive!

Agh the journal is so gorgeous I love it! ? I’ve been getting into bullet journaling at the moment, it’s so fun, and I love scrapbooking too X I love seeing your journal pages! Great post! ❤️?


Those journal pages are incredible! You definitely inspired me to make my own xx.

Thank you! You definitely should try it yourself its actually really fun!xx

your journal is so pretty and I love the drawings you added!


Thanks lovely! Xx

Aww this so great!!! Love having journals for expression 🙂


Thank you lovely! I totally agree; theyre such a great way to be free and creative!xx

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