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If you’re reading this, I’m lazing on a beach, lapping up the sun and enjoying my life. I’d say I wish you were here, but then you’d be reading my blog whilst not actually talking to me, which would be weird.

Or, worse, you might actually want to talk to me whilst I’m “beached-whaling”. (God, that’s a horrific joke. I would edit it out, but then we’d have no excuse to bring up beached whales and how sad it is. Did you know that whales are so loyal that if one of them – especially a baby whale – gets beached they all try to help it, which is why loads of them die at the same time?)

You might try to talk to me while I’m listening to my amazing Beach Playlist and then I’d have to miss over my favourite part of the song (because of course that’s the moment you’d choose to interrupt me; it’s just a cosmic law that you’re helpless to resist.) and then I’d have to resent you and passive-aggressively destroy your life.

Or the less emotionally-unstable version of that, whatever.

My point is: I fucking love this place.

You should probably be warned that my music taste is . . . eclectic. I love metal,  (although for the beach I’m more of a soft-rock person), RNB, house music and everything in between. But it’s a good listen – you’ll definitely find something new.

(If you guys want a coffin case of your own, they’re available from Valfre here)

  1. Rob Curly – Paradise // YOUTUBE
  2. Chance The Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses // YOUTUBE
  3. Tyler The Creator – 48 // YOUTUBE
  4. Advice – Kehlani // YOUTUBE
  5. Alive – Kehlani // YOUTUBE
  6. The Way – Kehlani // YOUTUBE
  7. All Night – Beyonce // YOUTUBE
  8. Rob Curly – Selfish // YOUTUBE
  9. Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing – Stevie Wonder // YOUTUBE
  10. Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody // YOUTUBE
  11. Best of You – Foo Fighters // YOUTUBE
  12. Dani California – Red Hot Chilli Peppers // YOUTUBE
  13. Snow – Red Hot Chilli Peppers // YOUTUBE
  14. The Zephyr Song – Red Hot Chilli Peppers // YOUTUBE
  15. The Longest Wave – Red Hot Chilli Peppers // YOUTUBE
  16. Alive – Pearl Jam // YOUTUBE
  17. Rearview Mirror – Pearl Jam // YOUTUBE – this song was my beach song for Mexico; I’d recommend it!
  18. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica // YOUTUBE
  19. My Friends – Red Hot Chilli Peppers // YOUTUBE
  20. 505 – Arctic Monkeys // YOUTUBE
  21. Never Let Me Go – Florence and The Machine // YOUTUBE
  22. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys // YOUTUBE
  23. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane // YOUTUBE
  24. Read My Mind – The Killers // YOUTUBE
  25. Stop The World – Arctic Monkeys // YOUTUBE
  26. Aint Got Far To Go – Jess Glynne // YOUTUBE
  27. 24/7 – Kehlani // YOUTUBE
  28. Can’t Pretend – Tom Odell // YOUTUBE
  29. Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran // YOUTUBE
  30. 27 – Passenger // YOUTUBE

My current favourite beach song?

Well, that absolutely has to be – Red Hot Chilli Peppers / The Longest Wave. It’s just . . . beauty. For your ears. Here. Have it. Listen. Fall in love.

Anyways, in case all of the pictures didn’t make it abundantly clear, I am now in Mauritius! (Actually, I’ve written all of these while in Mauritius and edited and published them a week after I got home because I didn’t want to be spending my whole holiday on my laptop.)

It’s so beautiful here and our room is actually on the beach – and on the best spot too; right next to all the kayaks and the different boats. I love it – and I’ve been filming LOADS, so there’ll be a vlog coming up for you too!

So, let me know if you like any of these songs; what sort of music do you listen to on the beach? Did you check any new tracks out?

All the love,

Mia x

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Mighty wicked of you. Sitting in Mauritius and giving us devilish-look-at-me grins. Mauritius is dreamy! Enjoy the waters. I cannot even be evil and say, a shark might come for you, so watch out. I shall try out your playlist even though I am Not by the waters.

aha it totally is! I love it; can’t wait to go back! Let me know how the playlist goes ;D

Hah. But of course! 🙂

I love your taste in music!! Gorgeous pictures xx

Thanks lovely! 🙂 xx

This playlist is wonderful, have fun on your fabulous beach!


Thank you! Lovely post btw!xx

*latest post

I nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award. Check the post out on my blog. xx


Thank you lovely! I’ll check it out now!xx

WOW!!!!!! That place is beautiful!!!


It is absolutely gorgeous!

So awesome!!! This puts me in my happy place 🙂


Such a great playlist, several of my favourite bands in there! Shame the beaches here aren’t as dreamy, but I do live very close to the real castle on the hill (fun fact) x

will deffo listen to these songs!! x thanks for sharing

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