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Hello human beings and welcome back to Blogging 101. If you aren’t aware, Blogging 101 is a weekly segment I do on Wednesdays (sporadically) wherein I share all my blogging tips, tricks and ritual animal sacrifice step-by-steps.

You now feel uncomfortable because I didn’t immediately say I was joking with the last one, right?

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Today’s topic? Photography.

You all know what I mean.

You know what I’m talking about.

I don’t even need to say anything and we already have this lil connection going on, right? You know what I’m thinking; I know what you’re thinking. It’s good, it’s gravy – I got your back, Jack, and this post is gonna get you going places.

Blogging photography.

To be blunt . . . it’s a bitch. If you’re a blogger or trying to make it as one, then you know how essential photography is. It’s not something you can afford to slack on – almost every blogger could freelance as a photographer (or strategically married artistic partners. I see what you did there.). There’s simply no room for grainy, iPhone 4 quality photos because . . . well, because even start-up bloggers on their first posts have better pictures than that.

Trust me, I know. It’s so annoying that I’ve been blogging for so long, yet somehow seem to have missed all the memos when it comes to photography.

But – but.

I figured out the key.

I found the fountain of youth.

I discovered the bible of blogging photography.

Okay, what actually happened was I got sent something free to try in the mail that worked probably a 1000 times better than I thought it would and instead of just writing your typical review I wanted to praise it as it deserves and gift it a spot on my essentials.

Anyways, let’s keep this somewhat sensical. What do we want?

Clear, high quality photos.

Did we get them?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Personally, I was unbelievably pleased with how these turned out. They could be shop photography – and they’d be so easy to edit! I mean, look at how clean that white background is.

In particular, I was really pleased by how the photos managed to capture all the detail in the crystals. (If you’ve ever had and tried to photograph crystals – especially with my pretty shit phone camera – then you know the struggle to capture even part of their beauty. They usually come off as dull and lifeless.)

Look at the colours!

At this point, it’s really more a case of wanting to show off how pretty these pictures are than anything else. You guys have seen how hit and miss my usual photography is – don’t judge me.

So now that we’ve seen the results . . . let’s see the £6 (yes, I said £6) contraption that produced them!

Disclaimer – I was sent this for free, courtesy of ToSave.com in exchange for an honest review. To be honest, I didn’t expect much from it – but it produces really lovely quality photographs!

(If you want one for yourself, you can pick it up here for $9.67)

I think it’s very worthwhile looking at the picture quality around the lightbox too, just to really get a feel of what my phone camera is generally like. It’s a very stark difference.

(Those two crystals were also sent to me by ToSave and are $4 for the set here, but I’ve bought a whole bunch of crystals – some of which haven’t even arrived yet! – for myself, so I’m going to lump them in with my crystal collection post.)

If you are a blogger – especially one who writes reviews – then this could be a great little hack for you. And, guys . . . just think of the flatlays! For people like me, who never get to take advantage of natural lighting because they’re at work during the day (or school) then this cheap little thing is a total little life saver! Let me know what you think down below – would you use it?

All the love,

Mia x

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Blog Comments

Omg I would totally use this! Wow, that looks amazing and the pictures turned out great! Looks so high quality and pretty, I love it. I need to step up my photography game but I’m gonna do that once I’m done with uni! Nice post girly xx

Thank you lovely! I would definitely recommend it – and it’s cheap which is always great! Photography is easily the thing I struggle with the most when it comes to blogging, so I think this is a pretty good hack! (Also I feel like I haven’t spoken to you for ages; how are you lovely?) xx

Same here girl. I struggle with my photography, because I don’t have the time to really make my pictures perfect and use a camera, instead I use my 5s haha! And I know omg, sorry about that! I’m great thank you! How are you doll? ✨ xx

Love this post so helpful and can really make my photos look better x

Thank you lovely, I’m glad it could help 🙂 x

These photos look amazing! Will have to check that out asap! Also, thank you for following my blog it means so much but I’ve actually moved and would love if you checked it out http://www.misschloeantonia.tk I will definitely be sticking with your blog, I’m in love with it! Xx

Yep, just checked it out and followed! (Loving the layout btw) I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 xx

Amazing post as always – thank you lovely! ??

Thank you!❤❤

Super handy! I use a sheet of board from the dollar store and some lamps. ? I like how this has lights built in!

Thanks lovely! Same here; my set up is either a window or a lamp placed in a precarious position that is entirely likely to end in broken glass and an injury ??

This is such a great idea! I kind of used my room lights as an advantage for my blog photos because they can be twisted and you can turn the light where you want it to hit. So I replaced them with white lights so now I can take pictures even when it’s dark outside! And no one will ever know. Loved this post xxx

This is such a great idea! I kind of used my room lights as an advantage for my blog photos because they can be twisted and you can turn the light where you want it to hit. So I replaced them with white lights so now I can take pictures even when it’s dark outside! And no one will ever know. Loved this post xxx

Love this! I usually use a white board and natural light 🙂


That sounds like a good idea actually! My main issue is that all the rooms in my house that get decent natural lighting are other people’s bedrooms and the kitchen so there’s rarely if ever photo opportunities x

Ah bummer that makes sense

Thanks, that has been very helpful!http://www.blogellive.com

Thank you 🙂

Really like the idea of this! Thanks for the post handy! x

really thanks for this tips

I hope they helped 🙂

Very helpful post!

I needed this post in my life! Lol, this was super informative. Super helpful!

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