{ My Spring Style Inspiration }

I have officially made it.

I have successful integrated myself with the herd; they have no idea what is among them.

I am now one of them.

An. Adult.


If you have no idea what I’m on about because I’m crazy and half of the stuff I say makes no sense, then what I’m referring to is the fact that I now have smart and casual. I now have seperate wardrobes for work and the weekend.

I now get to make two wishlist posts and you can’t call me unoriginal or uninspired. It’s amazing. (But I’m not going to do that because then I’d be giving myself more work and that isn’t ever going to happen.)

Anyways, I seem to have totally missed the memo when it comes to it now being Spring. There’s been no Spring clean, or burst of rejuvenating energy or anything that I usually associate with my favourite season . . . but I have realised something.

Instead of complaining about how busy and demotivated I feel with work (seriously; sitting in an office doing nothing all day is draining, who knew?) I need to take action to remedy that. I need to find a balance and find a way to manage my time more effectively. (Preferably one that doesn’t mean quitting because I like the money.)

 (I also need to start going back to the gym…)

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post – what the point of this post is is that I wanted to share with you what my Spring Style is leaning towards!

For work . . .

Okay, now my style for work is very relaxed. I’m lucky in the sense that we’re a very informal office, so I could walk in wearing jeans if I wanted to. Which I frequently do because . . . well, does this need explaining?


Something I’ve recently come to understand is that my “aesthetic” is polarised in two main directions – grunge and almost minimal. You know, whatever the above classes as. I don’t know; I’m not a fashion person.

I like to think that fashion is a form of expression; on one hand, there’s the mature and calm side of me. The side that enjoys decorating and DIY and baking. The side that loves to draw and read and would be happy sitting in a field all day. Then there’s the “grunge” side which is more sarcastic and edgy; the side that likes tattoos and running around doing fun shit at midnight.

Although it’s obviously not limited to “work” and “not at work”, with such a large majority of my time at work, my weekend style has definitely gravitated towards the more out-there grungy style.

We can all tell how much I love layering. No shame here.

 So I was going to include a ‘lil wishlist in this post too, but I’ve already done way too much clothes shopping already. (Although this is a double-edged sword of deliciousness as a. I have new clothes and b. I have a haul post coming up!)

What I can do, however, is give you all a little life-update! I’ve been working on a VLOG for Mauritius (the scenery is so beautiful, you’re going to love it I promise), revamping my room (this is good for video and OOTD/lookbook purposes) and . . . I’ve been ordering shop stock! Many of you might not remember, but I actually had my own Etsy store that I used to sell on before college became too hectic – and I’m reopening!

(If you want to see the kind of thing I sold before – crystal jewellery mainly – you can check out my blog post telling you all about it here!)


I’m really excited for this one; I’m expanding into iron-on patches and pins in loads of really cool and unique styles. (The kawaii pins are so cute, you’ll die of happiness.) So that’s exciting.

All the love,

Mia x

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I love minimal style and layering because why not? And I really like the inspirations to x

Me too! And thank you lovely!x

Your welcome xx

Amazing inspo! xoxo

Thank you lovely!xx

Wow .. you have so much going on! The style looks really cool as does the sound of a vlog on Mauritius… woohoo!

Thank you!There’s some fun footage I’m working with aha…it’s a lovely way to preserve the memories :’)

OMG so much exciting stuff to look forwards too! I just love reading these posts from you, I feel like I get a really good sense of what’s going on in your life. Keep going with your job, sometimes it’s OK to just slog through the day, but make sure you don’t lose yourself! I’ve not felt the spring vibes either, just been doing so much revision that I’ve not been able to look after myself or go to the gym ? I ❤ ❤ ❤ those crystal necklaces, so beautiful… And don’t worry about having two styles, you should totally embrace them both and create your own minimalist-grunge look!! xx

Thank you! At the moment, everything’s pretty exciting – I’m crazy looking forward to life over the next few months! Ugh, feel your pain – but the school year is over soon, so you’ll get to R E L A X! And yes – having two styles is an excuse to wear more clothes after all ;D xx

So looking forward to reading about it haha you have to keep us updated!! So looking forward to summer aha yeah such a great excuse to have more clothes xD xx

Love this post! x

Thanks lovely!x

I honestly LOVE your writing style, I laughed a lot with the first bit of the post! I feel your pain, luckily my work is super chilled with the clothings style so I live mostly in comfy clothes, but I’d love to put a bit more effort in my daily outfits (at least so I don’t look like I just left my home in my pjs haha)
thanks for sharing your inspo! amazing post! xx

Why thank you! That’s totally made my day! Aha I totally feel you on the temptation of comfy outfits….they’re just so cosy! xx

Outfits are very cute!

Omg your blog looks AMAZING!!!! And I love these outfits! <3 xxxxx

THANK YOU LOVELY! There are a few tweaks I want to make, but I’m pretty happy with it atm – and SO DO I! My wardrobe is crying out for some new ‘ish 😉 xxx

I love dressing up and buying clothes! What a lovely post

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