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I don’t know if this counts as Blogging 101, as this is probably more of an opinion and discussion post, but it is about blogging, so at least we’ve got that going for us.

This post is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now; every week or so, I’ll get an email from a company wanting to “work with me”.

Essentially, what this means to me is:

Can you spend your time writing an interesting blog post around our product/service please?

So you want me to work for you – because, my dear friends, blogging is work. Creating blog posts – aka content marketing – is what I do all day at work. 9-5 work that I get paid a regular salary for. Not that I mind that at all – I love blogging and if I can help out a small business while I do it, sure thing! So what’s my point?

Blogging. Is. Real. Work. And, if that isn’t enough of an incentive, the organic backlink that my blog has just sent to your site is definitely a nice boost for you, isn’t it?

Now, if this company is sending me a product to review or compensating me for my time in some way, that’s not an issue. I’m working for you and you’re rewarding me for it. Seems fair.

However, what you more commonly see are things like:

I think your audience would love to see our service ______” or “We’ll pick our 5 favourites (out of the 300 bloggers writing posts for us) and share them on social media!”

Image result for roll my eyes gif

Yeah . . . no.

You want me to spend ages writing a post for you, doing work to help you promote your brand . . . for the possibility of a social media shoutout? Even if you were to shout me out on social media . . . what exactly do I gain? Maybe a follower or two?

Once again . . .

Enter the eye roll gif.

Image result for eye roll gif

Now, let it be said, I understand where these marketers are coming from; I really do. Small bloggers, micro-influencers, are a great way to get your brand name out there and start working those backlinks. We aren’t as expensive as big-time influencers either – and for a small start-up on a strict budget, it can seem like a great way to market.

As a marketer myself, I understand the allure – and I even understand their logic. We do the same thing for our content at work; find people in the niche, find people already creating/sharing content like ours and reach out to them.

However – and this is what I really want to emphasize in this post – there is always a mutually beneficial situation.

Whether that’s payment, both parties creating content for each other, a free product to review etc . . . there’s always some sort of incentive. We aren’t just walking around asking for freebies.

Now, the reason that this annoys me so much is that it sometimes seems exploitative. I see so many small or start-up bloggers that get really excited and think that these are great opportunities and that the mere fact a company has reached out to them is simply amazing and . . .

You’re worth more. I promise.

I’m not saying that bloggers are entitled to free items and loads of money; not at all. What I’m saying is that if a company approaches you and asks for your service, you are entitled to be compensated.

It doesn’t matter how large your audience is – your time is worthwhile. Even if it’s just a discount code for your readers and an affiliate link you can earn from, you’re always worth something. (And the organic growth that businesses receive from the backlinks by all you bloggers? Definitely worth something.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means saying never accept these types of collaboration posts. I’m not saying hurl back abusive emails screaming “I’m worth more than this!” or demanding money.

If you are a new blogger, these types of post can be good experience – and great examples of your work with sponsors to show potential paying brands. Hell, you might even just quite like the company and think “yeah, my readers would like to hear about them”.

What I’m saying is that you shouldn’t feel pressured to do these; you shouldn’t feel obligated. It’s perfectly fine for you to think “wait . . . what do I get out of this?” and turn them down.

At the end of the day, companies are reaching 0ut because they know that they can get something out of you – and if you reached out the them asking for a freebie you know they’d be the first to say “no way”.

Anyways, that’s my view on writing sponsored posts. What do you think? Let me know down below – I think this would make a really interesting conversation topic!

All the love,

Mia x

Blog Comments

Lol! I love this post. You make some valid points. The only time I post a link to another blog is if they wrote a post that’s relevant to my content and I don’t expect anything in return but it’s useful to my readers.

Aww thank you – i dont mind linking to and supporting other bloggers, but when businesses want me to create content for them without compensation i find it so cheeky x

Random emails always pop up for me ‘we would love to work with you’ or ‘after looking at your blog we’re sure your readers would love our products’ and if I send an email back asking for more information on it and if I’d be sent anything they’ll say ‘oh no, you’re not reviewing, just announcing’ and it’s really annoying to be honest. Completely agree, if you’re being sent something or being paid then fair dos, but don’t do it for free – blogging is hard work and effort!

I haven’t seen your new posts on my feed which really sucks. But anyway, this is a great post. When I was a new blogger, I fell for this several times. And one day, I was working on a blog post, and wasn’t going be to compensated, I was still trying to figure out no-follow links. So when the post was published, they contacted me saying to un-do the no-follow link because I wasn’t paid for it. Immediately I was like, “so wtf was the point of me writing this if I’m not getting anything out of it?”
Needless to say, I deleted that post within days and also deleted all the other ones that I had written in the past. I usually ignore emails like that now. Lol.

Also, I shared your post on twitter but idk your twitter handle. Send it to me so I can tag you for credit 🙂

Aw, thank you! It’s probably bad that I don’t know my handle off the top of my head; I had to check lol. It’s: @okaaythenluv 🙂

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