DIY: How To Transfer Images Onto Candles (Using Things You Have At Home!)

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Finally – finally – we have a DIY post on this blog. I know; it was a long, hard journey to get here, but we made it. Together.

Okay, well, hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing a quick and easy DIY that you can do . . . using things that you’ve got at home. Because we all love DIY, (okay, we all love the idea of DIY) but how many times have you seen something that you desperately want to make only to realise there’s a list of things you need longer than the list of things Trump could be impeached for?

Well, not today!

The DIY we’re doing today is transferring images onto candles. Making them feel pretty and loved. This makes a really cute little room decoration – but it could also make a personalised gift (think printing photos).

Before we begin, allow me to say: this DIY is almost disturbingly easy. You kind of worry that there’s some massive plot twist waiting around the corner. It’s the kind of thing that you could easily do while baby-sitting kids, or really drunk. Not that I’m recommending either.

All you’re going to need is:

What Do I Need To Transfer Images To Candles?

  • Well, obviously, a candle. I bought a pack of six because, well, it was cheap and means that I can use them again.
    Pack of 6 candles: AMAZON UK – £10 // AMAZON US – $12
  • Tissue/crepe paper, tracing paper or transfer paper – I would recommend tissue paper (the craft kind, not the kitchen kind) but if you’re stuck you can use the other kind
  • A printer OR markers
  • Hairdryer
  • Wax paper

And that’s it.

How do we turn some plain, ugly-duckling candles into swans? Let’s step it out like a 2000s-school-disco anthem.

  1. Gather your supplies.

    While it’s great you have them all, it’s not all that useful having them in different corners of your house.

    Pack of 6 candles: AMAZON UK – £10 // AMAZON US – $12

  2. Find a design.

    You could find a design online, or draw something up – it doesn’t really matter.

  3. Now, this is where you have options.

    If you’re printing, you need to print onto tissue paper/tracing paper/transfer paper and if you’re drawing you need to draw on it.

    (Side note: drawing onto transfer paper is very difficult. If you want a detailed design, print or use a different type of paper.)

  4. Cut around your design, keeping the border as thin as possible.

    The less paper to transfer, the better your image will look.

  5. Making sure that your paper has the ink side facing outwards, place it on the candle.

  6. Wrap the wax paper around the candle, wax side facing the candle.

  7. Use your hairdryer to heat the candle – the wax will melt and hold the image to the candle.

    When you’re doing this, try to heat thentire candle so that you can an even finish – and make sure that you can see the wax melting. This means that your image will stick.

  8. Wait for everything to cool, then peel the wax paper off.

  9. Peel off any wax or paper left off ruining the surface of your candle.

  10. Enjoy your finished product – you worked hard, after all.

And that’s us done! I know – crazy, right? It was so quick . . . so doable. You’ve finished reading a DIY post and, instead of feeling hopeless, there’s a glimmer of possibility in your mind.

Okay, so let me know what you thought of this below – would you try it? Did you like the candles? Personally, I love the “Satan’s Waiting” candle – it’s earned itself a spot in my collection. What do you think of having a bit more DIY on the blog? We all for it?

All the love,

Mia x

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Wow, never knew you could do this at home so easily! 💕

Yes, it’s super easy! xx

Wow – this is awesome so cool

aw thank you!

They’re so gorgeous and arty, I love them :O

Thank you lovely!

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