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There are three words I love in that title.

Motel. Sale. Dress. (And yes, I guess Amber should be in there too. She is pretty cool.)

Today’s post is not one but two OOTD posts; I know – you’re being totally spoilt! I was going to write a mini haul post about my latest Motel pick-ups but with this simply gorgeous weather (read: insufferable and uncomfortable weather, but fake positive internet personality, y’know) I haven’t been able to just sit at home after work . . . so I called up one of my oldest friends, miss Amber Ellis.

(If you’re an old follower, you’ll know her from the time we went to Mexico together and she was a bridesmaid at my parent’s wedding. We’re very close old friends. She’ll likely talk at my funeral and be drunk dancing at my wedding.)

Now,  Amber is an absolute fashion queen, so naturally I took loads of pictures of her outfit so that we can all steal it. Which is why you get not one, but two pale, curly-haired mixed race chicks in clothes today.

I love the Tumblr hipster vibes of her look. It was perfect for us considering we were literally walking around a pretty abandoned park, admiring nature and lamenting her school life.

Seriously though, don’t you love being immersed in nature? It’s so calming and peaceful; I feel so grounded and connected as opposed to when you’re stuck in an office, or surrounded by shitty buildings. I don’t know, man, it’s just pretty clear to me that I should’ve been the queen of the flower fairies.

My outfit is very comfy and floaty – and it’s in a colour that I love! Oh, and I love me a good dress. They’re feminine, comfortable and an instant outfit without having to think about it.

If you aren’t a Motel fan or you don’t know who they are, Motel are a brand that specialise in more edgy clothing – just off what’s “mainstream”. Motel is a brand a little more for the hippies and the goths; not quite as extreme as DollsKill, but not as typically trendy as New Look.

As with most shops that are a little more “niche”, Motel’s prices can be a bit on the maybe not side. Not excessively so – it’s usually around £20 for a crop top – but they are a little more than your average high-street store.

However, Motel have pretty frequent “sample sales” where they throw loads of goodies at you for £10.


And it’s a sample sale, not an “end of the season; gotta shift all this old shit” sale so the clothing is timely (ie you aren’t buying massive jumpers in the middle of summer), there’s loads of sizes available and the selection is always pretty great. Even better? You save so much money! You can genuinely find £50 dresses . . . for a tenner.


Naturally, as soon as I got that email . . . I ran. I was there. My card was out (although it’s got to the point that I know the number off by heart, so this was really more for dramatic effect) and my shopping radar was on.

Now, I think I’m doing quite well at the moment with not buying stupidly. I haven’t been wildly throwing money here and there on nonsense products . . .  So I only bought two items from Motel and I personally think that they were great choices.

So today’s OOTD (I know – it’s a rarity.) is featuring the first of my two dresses. Why? Because then I’ll have to upload an OOTD with the second dress. See – motivation

Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought below – have you shopped with Motel before? Did you like our outfits?

All the love,

Mia x

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Outtakes bc im a mess:

Blog Comments

Lovely photos. Nature is super beautiful as a background. xx

Thanks lovely; I’m trying to improve my outfit photography so I can do more OOTD posts xx

Practice makes perfect. Looking forward to more outfit posts dear. xx

He he those outtakes at the end. 😁I was very fond of both of your dresses. From Motel? I’ve haven’t encountered a shop called Motel,it sounds pretty good and selling at an exceptionally reasonable price☺ Good modelling,girls😊

#sweetreats xx http://www.bakingboutiquebirds.blogspot.co.uk

Hehe, glad you enjoyed! I had them sitting on my phone and I was like . . . it wouldn’t be one of MY fashion posts if there weren’t photos of me doing something ridiculous in it!

And yes Motel – I should’ve included a link, but the sample sale is off atm (the sale section is still AMAZING though); it’s online too, you should check it out 🙂 Thank you lovely – I’ll check your blog out xx

Nice outfit Mia, and yes it’s always nice to be in around nature 😊👌🏼

Thank you so much lovely! So glad to have found your blog 🙂

Same here 💕💕😊

Okay incredibly dense probably but what on earth is OOTD, o queen of fairies? Over and Onto The Dress? Now that I have revealed the unhip, acronym-loser side of my personality, I shall say that both Amber and your looks are lovely. I like the colour of your dress a lot, floaty and summery. And I shall also go and check out Motel.

Ohmygod i love you😭😂😭😂😭it literally took me three years and a cheeky google to learn what ootd means – it’s outfit of the day🌺 (but i appreciate the use of my formal title; bow down bitches amiright) And thank you so much! Im really into nudey pink colours so i saw this and was like…mine. definitely check out motel they have some interesting items!x

Now I Know. My google is as much of a space cadet as I so I cannot give it much credit. I shall charge just the cupcake for slipping in the title, okkay? xx

That dress!!!! GIRL you look amazing

Thanks lovely! And yaaaas that was £10 well spent!

These are such cute pictures


Thanks lovely x

You both look gorgeous OMG ❤ Motel sound amazing, it’s such a shame there isn’t one near where I live!

Thank you girl! ❤❤ Aw its online too so you can always try there 🤙🤙

Yes Motel are so amazing ❤ stocking up on my summer wardrobe…

I love how your styled this outfit. So cute! xx.

Thanks lovelyyy!xx

Both your girls outfits are so pretty! I’m so sorry if I haven’t been reading your posts, they haven’t been showing up on my reader even if I’m still following you. But I guess I can binge read your posts now😄

Thank you doll! And don’t worry about it – it’s actually (depressingly) common; loads of people keep telling me my posts aren’t showing up. Not sure what’s broken, but it’s not your fault lovely! xx

So pretty bb! I haven’t heard of Motel before but ima definitely look into it aha beautiful pictures!

you the cutest! and yes definitely do – some of their stuff is so nice! thanks girl x

This is such.a lovely post – lovely photos! 🙂

Have a lovely start to the week!

Layla xx


OMG you girls are absolutely stunning! love that dusty pink (?) dress!

you have such an amazing blog! keep it up

Loving your outfits, you look amazing! I am so obsessed with that Motel dress it’s gorge! xx

Tash | natashatodd.co.uk

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