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If you ever get the chance to see Guns’N’Roses live, I don’t care what you have to do – murder a parent, eat a baby, kiss Donald Trump – you absolutely have to go.

They are amazing.

The atmosphere is absolutely electric; you can feel the anticipation and the excitement.

Guns'N'Roses OOTD


On a more somber note, however, the one thing that I couldn’t help but feel was absolutely heartbroken.

Concerts are such a beautiful, emotive experience. For fans, watching their favourite bands is more than just listening to music; it’s being transported to moments in time. It’s revisiting the soundtrack of their lives – it’s the songs that they sing with their friends when they’re drunk; the first song they remember listening to with their parents; the inspiration behind their first pieces of art; it’s not just the music, it’s the feelings.

And I couldn’t quite comprehend how horrifying it was for someone to bomb kids straight after a concert. A massive concert for what would be many young people’s Guns’N’Roses. Maybe even the first concert for some people; what was supposed to be the best night of their lives.

I don’t usually like to write about current events and politics and whatnot as their own posts (and, as a Londoner with friends that live next to a few of the attacks, as a Londoner who has lived in blocks like the one that burnt down and as someone that voted Labour only to have the outcome become somehow worse than just a Tory government, I have a lot of relevant opinions that I could write about) because I almost feel like I would be capitalising on them. It probably doesn’t make sense to most people, but I just feel like the tragedy always lies with other people and for me to write about how it affects me is . . . I don’t know.

Regardless, I haven’t mentioned anything about the Manchester situation on the blog – but standing in the crowd, eagerly waiting for Guns to get on stage, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the absolute horror of it. Guns’N’Roses is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life; Ariana Grande is something those people would have treasured too. And to be attacked – and some of them killed – at what should’ve been such an amazing event is just horrifying to me. My heart goes out to them.

Anyway, back to the concert.

So, most of you know who Guns’N’Roses are. Even if you don’t know them, you know them. Here; listen to a few of their classics and you’ll get what I mean.

They’re the kind of classic that seeps into everyday culture. You see their logos plastered across T-Shirts in all the high-street stores. (Which hurts me, but I digress.)

You might not be aware of who they are, but I promise you that you’ve heard them.

See? You totally knew that one.

I could do this all day (and, admittedly, I’m tempted. I would love to bring you all into the fanbase.) but let’s move on . . . to the outfit.

Okay, I know this is a post dedicated to loving Guns’N’Roses, but we’re going to take a brief moment to love Lisbon. The architecture, the colours, the atmosphere was all absolutely stunning. I genuinely think that, as far as cities go, Lisbon is definitely my favourite.

But more on that in my Lisbon post!

For the concert, I wanted something really comfy and casual (also, not something I’d get too hot in) while still looking like I was going to a rock concert.

I personally loved the outfit – and the accessories were a great finishing touch!

You can pick up everything from: (Everything is linked, by the way.)

Grey T-Shirt (Size 20) – Primark

Similar Dress (Belt Included) Here:

Dress ASOS – £35

Corset Belt – ASOS – £15

Vans – £55

Fishnet Socks – £5

Wavy Choker – River Island – £10

Straight Choker – River Island – £8

I know – I was shocked too; this photo almost looked like a real blogger OOTD picture, didn’t it? There’s even a scenic background! Don’t die from the shock, guys.


I’m obsessed with corset belts at the moment. As someone with a disproportionately small waist, my biggest issue with clothing is always finding things that fit on the waist – so when they came into fashion I was instantly all over that.

The concert itself was brilliant – they had complete control over the stage; they were entertaining and lively and Axl’s voice is still amazing. The tour’s name is “Not In This Lifetime” because, after Slash and Axl’s 26 year feud, Guns never thought they’d tour again with Slash – and it truly felt like a once in a lifetime experience.

(If you want to see some of the concert, I have some cheeky videos in the Insta post below!)

Guns'n'roses in lisbon. Iconic🤙🤙swipe for vids kids💀 #gnr #notinthislifetime #gunsnroses

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But let’s wrap it up here. What do you guys think of the outfit? Are you Guns’N’Roses fans? Also, how has everyone been – I’ve been travelling quite a bit the last few weeks so I haven’t been active on the blog, but I’m back now! Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

All the love,

Mia x

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Oh lucky lucky you. I would have happily traded places with you on two counts – Guns N’ Roses and Lisbon. I could take the door and the dress too as bonuses xx

Ahh it was amazing – I love Lisbon so much! Thanks for reading ;D xx

You are welcome 🙂

This outfit is so nice! I really like the corset belt with the simple tee shirt dress! Lucky you! An amazing concert in an amazing city! xx corinne

Thank you so much lovely! And yes I felt so so blessed, I can’t lie!xx

You look STUNNING!! Your outfit is absolutely flawless and that concert looks incredible!
-Olivia Xx


Thank you lovely! The concert was absolutely amazing!xx

Love your outfit sooo much, simple but looks amazing! definitely wouldn’t be able to pull this off. glad you had an amazing time, lisbon is on my bucket list.
With Love Yossy x

Thank you so much lovely; you absolutely would be able to pull it off! And YES I would go so far as to say Lisbon is my favourite city (outside of LDN) it’s amazing x

It’s my favourite band, hope to see them live one day too.
Amazing look btw!


I seriously hope you get to they slayyyy and thanks doll xx

Love the outfit! Its so simple and looks great x

Anya https://anyasjourney.wordpress.com/

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