The Minimal / Clean Room Decoration Edit

Do you guys know what I've been loving recently? Minimal room design! There's something so aesthetically pleasing about really open, clean design . . . and it is everywhere.

 If  you're anything like me and you adore this look too, keep reading - because I've got everything you need here to get your room up to minimal goals scratch. Get your camera ready, girls, because your bedroom is about to be Instagram - no, Pinterest ready.

Tip #1 - Plants (all pictures are linked products)

If you're doing minimal design, you're promoting a healthy, clean state of mind. Sounds good, right? Well, this is intrinsically tied to plants. (Don't ask me why; Tumblr and Urban Outfitters have made it so.) Seriously, plants are a quick way to turn your room from "sad and empty" to "fashionably minimal because I just don't need to live in excess like you cretins." 

The number one tip for a great minimal bedroom is to get you some plants. Whether you go for the easy to care for cacti and succulents, or you go ultra-lazy and get artificial - get you some plants!

Tip #2 - Terrariums AKA Just Glass Storage (same deal; images are linked products)

Now, I don't know where this sprung from, but boy am I glad it's here. Terrariums are God's gift to earth. Amongst chocolate, green tea, honey, gyms and boys with long hair. (Seriously, let us all just take a moment to thank the almighty lord for men with long hair. God, I honestly appreciate what you did there.) 

Anyhow, terrariums are just so classy and almost exotic; they add such a lovely elegant look to any bedroom and can be used to store candles, plants and jewellery alike. Which is always helpful.

Tip #3 - Cut Out All The Clutter And Have Pretty Functionality

The whole point of minimal design is to cut out any extraneous rubbish - so clear out the clutter! You want your space to be as empty (read: MINIMAL) as possible. Have a nice big dump day; you could even use this as a chance to pad your pockets a little and sell some of your old stuff.

However, this doesn't mean living Buddha style with only the clothes on your back; try combining practicality and prettiness! Although you should only focus on having the bare essentials, make sure these essentials are cute enough that you could take cute photos for the 'gram.

Tip #3.5 - To the above point, storage is your best friend. If you can't bear to part with your carefully collected trash-I mean treasure then just hide it.

Tip #4 - Statement Items

There's a difference between minimal and bare - and that's in the statement items.